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My Inner Bikini Personality

You Are a Boy Shorts Bikini!

You're a sexy girl - but not the type that likes to let it all hang out.

You are into a little of everything at the beach - swimming, volleyball, playing.

And when you're running around, you'll be sure your butt isn't falling out of your suit.

Your Inner Bikini

Haven't You Had Enough Freaks For One Lifetime? :)

Wa-la...the revelation, as predicted by my horriblescope.
Now that I'm a bikini, I suppose I shouldn't worry about anything else. Although I've always aspired to be a Boy-Cut Two-Piece, this quiz really put me in my place. It also tried to give me a couple of books, which would no doubt put me on a "Buy a couple of books, then pay out your bikini butt for others" list that I really don't want or need to be on. Weird. I have, however, decyphered the code hidden in the lines of my destiny for today, which makes me happy. :-D Could it have been more obscure?! I think Leos get the ole shaft when it comes to our daily readings. If it's not chiding us for being Leos, it's predicting something so obscure it would take an NSA specialist to decode it. Orrrrr maybe that's what the super secret decoder ring was for that I snagged outta the cereal box. And here *I* was, thinking it was a fun little plastic toy.

Le pool
Again, midgets are piled up in the pool making it impossible to swim/do laps today. It's still a little too cold to do it at night, although I got a small one in later on last night ;-) Le fun! Le pain! And I've yet to find my freakin' one-pieces. Grr. Otherwise, I'd go take my chances, munchkins and all, and try to round it a few times today. There is always the fear, however, of slamming INto one of 'em, or worse -- having them dive into me; and just like in traffic, I lose it and go junior high on them. We don't need all that happening. It's curiously adult-free out there; which makes me worry about them. There was one woman out when I last checked, and at least 15 kids. I'm going to check again in 30, and if there are no more adults, I feel it's my civic duty to pull up a chair (in the shade) and watch over them. It makes me nervous. Having fished one boy out of the deep end several years' ago makes you REAL paranoid about kids+pool. And HE was 12. These kids are really young =/ Where are their parents?!

At S.H. today, it was very thinned out and depressing. I gathered up a bunch of old magazines and brought them, along with a few paperbacks that have remained boxed since 1998. I picked through them, to make sure there weren't any sad ones, and left them in the dayroom. When I first got there, there were NO magazines OR books anywhere. Umm...I've always brought them with me, so where are the old ones?! I think the staff might be making off with them >:I And that's all I'll say about that visit in this entry. Was a sad day overall, and I don't need to dwell on it. Plus, George hasn't called or written; so I'm a little worried about him, too, since he keeps me updated at least three times a day =/ He had plans to go out last night, and although he's a non-drinker, he hangs out with a bunch of psychos. /worrying about the elderly for now.

Still feverish from overexposure to the sun (or maybe the back of my neck overreacting to er, something or another early this morning :D). Got NO sleep last night, and feel totally wretched. Midnight crawled into one, then I was quickly hastened into 3 a.m. Woke up at 6, and GAWD, I need sleep BAD. The victor alpha can bite me for giving me the generic stuff that doesn't work, and for short-changing me on top of all that. Gotta remember to count them next time S.E. delivers. I've always assumed that he fills my prescription for sleeping meds. Now I'm not so sure. Surely he would notice if I was short. Orrrrrrr maybe not.

Baseball boy has a new roommate. I dunno how that happened, but the blonde haired, stocky guy is gone, and has been replaced with a tall, dark-haired, bespectacled -- and trim -- new guy. He's been skulking about the parking lot since Wednesday and I've tried to figure out which one he moved in to. I saw him up there last night, wandering around. He walks heavier than baseball boy. Gooooody. After all the construction work he had done up there, and my light fixture literally crashing to the floor, I'm paranoid that one of them will step a little too hard, and come falling through my ceiling. Plus, new boy stays up 24/7. I can hear him as I type this, walking around. What's he DOING? Definitely gonna obstruct my napping efforts, after I finish with howkeepeen.

Back to organizing/nesting. Need to clean out my car while I'm doing the house so that I won't have that weighing on my shoulders next week. THE JOY. I CAN'T WAIT. There is at least a year's worth of 'hidden wrappers' which Adele has carefully tucked into side- and back-pockets on the passenger's side. I noticed the bulge at the bottom of the door jacket whilst making my Publix run this morning. Need to remind her not to do that anymore, unless she wants to clean it out. :D

That is all.

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