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It's official

...my cellphone is GONE.

I have no clue where it is, and have ravaged my car and house in an attempt to find it. No joy. I called my cell guy today and told him to KILL any calls being made (just in case I lost it somewhere), and also to get me a new one post haste. GrRRrr. In fact, I can't remember when the last time I saw it was...not good. I never use it (and it's considered the Adele Hotline); so I don't really think about it. Until it's GONE.

Gadsss it's hot out there
Woke up this morning, on TOP of the covers which never happens. I'm sure there will be at least 100 spider bites on my legs (and other body parts) by this afternoon. The back of my neck was sweating even though my hair was pulled up and the air on. Eeks. Today's going to be a scorcher and I have SO much to do. I did, however, sleep SOLID from 11 something last night until 7 this morning. THANK GOD. Sleep deprivation has made me flat-out wonky this week, unable to focus on even some of the most mundane tasks. I've noticed, however, that I get especially creative when I'm really tired. Gotta love that little tradeout. Insanity = artistic. YAY. GREAT.

Water retaining is nicht sehr gut
I've gained at *least* 15 pounds over the past two weeks, but not from eating. This scares me mucho, because in some cases, it's indicative of heart failure. Since I'm already paranoid, I'm kinda worried about this. My legs, stomach and hands are SO swollen, and it's all water. FIFTEEN POUNDS. While I'd LOVE to gain a 'real' 15 pounds, this is just water. My ankles are pretty bad, too. All of my socks dig into them, leaving creases on my skin, requiring me to rubbbbbbbb. I looked for 'water meds' at Rite Aid, but didn't find any. =/ I've gotta do something about this, though, and since this week has been chock full of doctor's visits, you'd think one of them would notice. The nurses congratulated me on the weight gain; but er, it's not really when it's just water. I wonder how much fluid is surrounding my heart/lungs? Scary. I'm calling my primary care...thingy today, to see if he can schedule a quick appointment. Yeah. Like that's gonna happen at the victor alpha. Got to try anyway.

Still unpacking
One box at a time. What a nightmare. I have NO storage space, and need to have all these boxes unpacked by the time Adele's out of school for good this summer. The past few weeks have been so frenetic that I've lost myself in what's going on. Now, I'm plugging away one room at a time in an effort to get it all organized/streamlined. Yesterday, I had an incident that made me just stop. Since the cardio isn't telling me how much is TOO much, I have no way to gauge my activities. Haven't had opportunity to swim the past few days, either. No time.

And what's THIS supposed to mean?

Dear Terri,
Here is your horoscope
for Thursday, May 27:

Okay, so that person you've been eyeing from across the room isn't quite what you expected them to be. Who is? Enjoy the surprise and investigate the possibilities.

Ummm. I'm not eyeing anyone. But no one IS who I expect them to be in real life, so that's no surprise. What surprise, then, am I supposed to 'enjoy' and how? Investigate WHAT possibilties? GAWD it bites to be a Leo. This is a prime example. Gr.

I need new tires in a BIG HUGE way, that it's frightening just running to the store at this point. GAWD. I hate this 'making just enough to pay bills and get groceries at the last minute' thing. I REALLY do. I don't need a bunch of material things. I don't shop, I don't SPEND. I need TIRES. Driving Adele in my car doesn't make me feel AT ALL good. And now that it's getting hot outside, the tires are gonna suffer even more. The really desperate tire is still hanging in there, and now I can actually see the threading. SO. NOT. GOOD. So my little tin can -- if driven over 40 MPH -- is a death trap for sure. God forbid we actually do get the rain that I've been praying for. I don't think my car -- with that one tire, especially -- will make it up the hill to get out of my area. GREAAAAAAAT.

Baseball boy, parties and roommate
Mkkkkkkkay. Last night, baseball boy had an impromptu 'movie-watching' thing, where all his SMOKING BUDDIES and one REALLY IDIOTIC chick showed up. SHE needed to sit her ace down, because all I could hear from 8 until 11 was the clicking of her shoes, back and forth, back and forth like she was on a crack-smoking marathon. OMG. I went outside to take the trash to the dumpster, when all the schmoker friends went out to the balcony to...well, schmoke. I said: "UMMM...I know there's not a law requiring you guys to WALK LIGHTER, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOOD AND ELEPHANTS EVERYWHERE, PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT TO DO SO.</i> I'm not winning the ole popularity contest here. IT NEVER ENDS UP THERE. IT DOESN'T. EVER. I have three four possible courses of action:

  • Go to the magistrate for prior problems and send him to jail.
  • Continue being a biznatch (which I REALLY hate, because I don't like that girly-biznatching thing).
  • Get revenge (oooooooooo yes, I have so many ideas, it's MIND boggling.
  • Call our association, and let THEM be the final ax (he's been in so much trouble before, that this would be the one to assuredly get him booted out).

    See? I'd feel guilty. But I'm turning into that 'lady who beeches all the time' that *I* never liked (and no one else does, either). I thought about writing a nice little note, and giving him the chance to chill out. That never-ending construction situation was bad enough. But NOW, he's moved HIS bedroom atop MINE. He used to be on the other side. I've seen him. There's absolutely no excuse for his tromping around like that. Seriously. It sounds like a hippo stampede when he just goes to the bathroom, and it usually occurs at 10-11 at night. Umm...I have an 8 p.m. bedtime. Although I realize it's unreasonable and ridiculous, it's MINE. There is NO ESCAPE.

    Enough already. I'm boring myself at this point, and saved my real Greek tragedies for a private entry. It seems like I'm doing this with accelerating frequency these days. I also have this overwhelming desire to unfriend ONE drama queen off my list. But we ALL KNOW what happens when I do that. They get crazy, start sheot, and next thing you know, they'll end up on ljdrama. WITH my name linked back. It's happened too many times. So here's a lil message:

    If YOU'RE the one who biznatches ALL the time, with no end in sight, about STUPID SHIZNET, please remove your name from my friend's list, so that I don't feel like I have to read you.

    I'm about to do my six-month "descriptive phrases about 20 random friends" thing, and the biggest drama queen offender will most assuredly end up on that list. It won't be pretty. Then again, listening to said person go on and on and ON AND ON about the most inane b.s. I've ever heard (after being a perpetrator of the very same crimes) is SO. FREAKING. OLD.

    So there's one person on my friend's list that I most assuredly don't think is a friend. And what's worse is the fact that I don't think anyone considers this person a friend. The same b.s. every day gets SO FREAKIN' OLD. We ALL have problems. And guess what, genius? Some are SO MUCH worse than yours could EVER be. We just don't choose to moan about it every day. Of course, I understand this is a journal. I definitely treat mine like one 99% of the time. Aforementioned does NOT treat it like a journal, but more as a way of communicating the joy and love to all their friends (or readers). I've looked, and have yet to see ONE ENTRY that even smacks of 'diary stuff.' Mkay. So if you know it's you, just leave. Don't make me ax you (twice or for realz). I KNOW this person is going to go stupid when I unfriend them.

    And I SHOULD NOT feel freaked out simply by unfriending someone. That's ridiculous. History has taught me, though, that unfriending = them going psycho for about a month (or year in some cases). I SO don't want to go through that B.S. again.

    Why it gotta be like that in here? *sighs* </rant>

    I'm scared to even TRY to tweak my layout now, because of yesterday's nightmare. WHERE'S MY CELLPHONE?


    ( 9 whispered — Whisper to me )
    May. 27th, 2004 09:09 am (UTC)
    that is the most BAD ASS shit Ive ever seen!!
    Do mine??
    May. 27th, 2004 09:11 am (UTC)
    What is? I don't get ittttt!! Tell me what's 'bad ass' and I'll 'do yours.'


    *is clueless*
    May. 27th, 2004 10:36 am (UTC)
    Re: Err
    I meant your background, the stars!
    I want you to do that to mine!!
    err. Not loving the ring thing :/
    May. 27th, 2004 10:40 am (UTC)
    Re: Err
    Okey dokey. I can do yours, but YOU hafta host the graphics (my site won't host that much, since it's free). Tell me what color schema you want me to use (and er, I'll need your password temporarily), and I'll do it for you now. If you really want me to, that is. I don't mind...you know dat. :)

    Sorry about the creepy ring icon. I'm in one of those moods today. GrrRRr.
    May. 27th, 2004 09:12 am (UTC)


    You didn't luff my little screen cap of my artwork? I'M BROKEN-HEARTED!! YOU'RE supposed to luff it!!!! :P :)

    I'm joking with you. :)
    May. 27th, 2004 09:58 am (UTC)
    I love the new layout!!! :) Just stopped by to say "Hi" and see how's ya were!!? I'm so frickin busy! Gah. You need to take care of that swollen thing! That's scaring me! I remember when my grandmother's ankles would get swollen, my mom would worry about that... so it must not be good!!!

    weeeeee....love the stars.
    May. 27th, 2004 10:03 am (UTC)
    GAWD it was a nightmare. I just idiotically 'stumbled' on the solution (which is ironic; I've asked I know at least 20 people how to make these boxes transparent...none had a clue). SO ER, HOW EAGER AM I TO SHARE MY LIL SECRET? Hehh.

    Yes, I'm really worried about the water retaining thing. :( It scares me, and seems to be happening with regularity. When it finally DOES go away, and my body gets back to normal, it comes back again. :/

    I had an uncle who died of this (or this is what happened right BEFORE he died). And my dad also suffers from swelling in the same areas (his heart is...really really bad off). So...trying not to worry about it.

    Thanks re: layout. Was simple to do, once I figured it out. I tried using my floating castle, but it was too busy to start with. Thus, the sky thing. I tried to add a music track that 6why hooked me up with, but no joy :/ I'm sure I'll stumble on THAT solution in about a year or so.
    May. 27th, 2004 06:15 pm (UTC)
    Oooh! I like your new journal layout! In the immortal words of Dustin Hoffman in Rainman, it's "very sparkly, definitely sparkly"!

    With all this water you're retaining, stay away from sharp objects! I wouldn't want you to spring a leak!
    May. 27th, 2004 06:52 pm (UTC)
    Thanks; but I probably need one of those suction things to get rid of it. Ew.
    ( 9 whispered — Whisper to me )


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