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It JUST started raining! While it's a soft, sneaky, tiny little shower, it's raining nonetheless. There aren't even...real clouds in the sky; it's just gray. Far be it for me to jinx the small downpour we're getting, even though Adele and I were supposed to go to the store ONE HOUR AGO. ACK.

Slept in
We both slept until 8:30ish this morning. OMG. I was dreaming but thought I was awake, when I heard a key in my door, and the landlady trying to come in. I sat bolt upright in bed, and realized that...uh, I just had to go to the bathroom. Heh. Gah. After that one time she tried to sneak in, I've been so paranoid ever since. While I realize this is the south, and people are more 'casual' here than other places, *I* do not embrace that whole southern, put-yer-feet-up-and-stay-awhile philosophy AT ALL. She hasn't tried to do it again (or maybe she has, while I've been gone). But I still freak when I hear noises near any of the three entries into this place. GREAT. When I asked her what she was doing that morning (on the phone) she said simply that "I'd lost weight, and wanted to see if you would notice." UM. I DON'T GET IT. NO REALLY, I DON'T.

So today it looks like it'll just be gray and rainy but no great storms, no thunder/lightening, nothing that I've dreamt of for...months now? Yeah. Something like that. Most important to note is the fact that it's raining just enough to ruin the trip to the store; or at the very least, make it woefully uncomfortable loading bags in the teeny trunk of my car. Nor can Adele swim today, as it could start storming. We're both just watching movies and being lazy, since it looks like we should. Of course, we could STARVE IN THE PROCESS.

Nada of interest for the GP, and so I'll cut this short. Everyone seems to feel compelled to run out of town for the weekend. LOL. It's JUST MEMORIAL DAY. Umm...I'm a veteran, and I'M not goin' anywhere. Geez. LOL.

Dear Terri,
Here is your horriblescope
for Saturday, May 29:

You'll start this day with an amazing ability to woo and amaze the masses -- even more than usual, that is. Now what are you going to do with it?


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