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You just picked a paycheck over me, pal

I should've looked closely at other people's horriblescopes this morning.

If there's anything I hate worse than a coward it's a liar. Let's define lying, shall we? Because it's a thousand shades of gray, most of which you never see because you're too caught up in the muck you call Your Life that you can't see the lie you've enshrouded yourself with. Because of excess? Vanity? No -- you're not that good; not even CLOSE. Narcissim? Probably. Tragic? Most assuredly.

Just because one person might've thought you could've been somebody in the third grade doesn't mean you ARE; what's worse is in reality, they don't think you're even 1/10th what you'd like to believe. I promise you that. Hell, everyone I knew from gradeschool on up thought *I* could be 'somebody.' Are you really that desperate for attention?!

And I just happened to be face to face with one who thinks you suck. Truly, and vehemently. And more -- we had a nice laugh over it, which you -- comfortably ensconced in your office -- had no clue about. The reality of how your superiors feel about you is...just sad. Now that's pathetic. But it's the truth.

And the truth, as it does, hurts. Feel it. Feel that truth, because that's as raw as it gets. I have lived the life and glory you could only dream of. Maybe it doesn't mean shiznet now but it did. I don't see you garnered with...well, ANYthing. Nothing to show you're as great as you think you are, but misspelled words on a faux journal you created to impress...who, again?! THANK GOD for ban_set user functions. I don't want to even see your name on my list.

Oh, I laughed when I read. Out loud. Truly I did. And since this IS about truth, I'll tell it. You try so hard, and yet you never seem to find anything to hang on to. No rope, just air. And that's why your life is destined to be cut short. Because you don't know what it's like to be a friend. And what's worse? You never will. Go love/hate yourself, and drink another, while doing another line of cocaine, in your poorly-conceived efforts to 'buy' a girlfriend. It's sad. Really, it is.

Now what're you gonna say? What're you gonna do? You live in a world of mediocrity that was built by half you, half them and it's okay, as long as it takes care of the bar tab and DUIs you accumulate. Did I ever tell you that the reason I'm disabled is because of a mother &*#($&9 drunk driver? I'm sure I did. You, my little friend, are the very reason this world is so woefully screwed up. And yes, START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY, FOR IT BELONGS TO YOU AND YOU ALONE. You create this anger in your 'friends.' You, who wouldn't know a friend if they slapped you in the face.

Go cry.

That's how I feel about you. Remember that, before you even think about contacting me. All your previous, pathetic attempts (when I've told you NOT to contact me) are disgusting. As if I wouldn't notice your style when I read it. PLEASE. Your insults, BTW, fall on well-informed ears; and I know it could've only BEEN you. Pathetic. Use MY LIFE as a template.

You can run now. And for future reference, I'd stay real, far away from me. Oh yeah. Although I rarely hold grudges, this one, I'm gonna hang on to for dear life. Because of your lack of caring about mine.

Have another drink. OFF me.

Note to self, #113: Never EVER add people who create LJs just to get your attention. They're typically one of those lying SOBs who're so wrapped up in drugs, alcohol, and fantasyland that they can't see the trouble they cause others, or their contribution to this shitty society. Especially the woefully uneducated.

Brilliant?! I think not. Mediocre at best.

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