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O REALLY now ;-)


Jasper! I never knew you...cared so much...

Is that you hiding in my tree, and leaving discarded pizza boxes and cigarette butts in my yard? Heh.

Just as I suspected; nada but blue skies
ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. WHY O WHY? We're never going to get a storm 'round here. Just a great big tease every morning, getting me all optimistic and then poof. Clouds give way to the sun and blue skies. I just wanted one little day of thunderstorms! That's not too much to ask, is it? Grr.

I renegotiated the slumber party last night until tonight; which means NO SLEEP FOR ME. I'll no doubt have her face right in MINE snoring (she's definitely a nighttime mouth-breather), and hogging the covers, whilst kicking me off her bed. GOODY. And I agreed to this...why?! Gads. Right now, I can't think of ANYthing she could've done to negotiate for a slumber party, other than using my affection for her against me (which is how all this came about, I'm fairly sure). GREAT. She claims that I'll "sneak out, and tell her that I woke up early." AHAHAHAHA. I've never thought of that, but it sounds REAL GOOD TO ME. LOL. Hmmm...if she thinks that way,, I don't wanna think about that.

Country Apple Goodness
YUM. While (still) unpacking boxes, I came across a brand new body cream of Bath & Body Works "Country Apple"!! I've never used it, and don't remember when I got it. But it's my fa-vo-rite smell. Yummmmmmm. Of course, I've slathered my whole body down with it and am oozing off furniture, counters...can barely hold a pen, but HEY. I smell good. :) YUMMMMYYYY. 8 ounces of creamy, apple-scented goodness and baby-smooth skin. Yash.

Le Chef
Tonight, I'm going all out (to Adele's horror) and cooking a real, all-day-long-lasting meal. She hates it when I break out the spices early; she knows it means I'm cooking something that she doesn't like. Heh. SHE'LL EAT AND LIKE IT. AND THAT'S THAT. At least I don't force her to eat green beans. That's child abuse. EW. Or celery. That's borderline child abuse. Ewww. I don't force her to eat ANYthing *I* wouldn't; thus, she's in great health right now, and her weight's PERRRfect. Yay! Of course, she's still managing to fit in my clothes and shoes; so rummaging through my closet has become her daily morning fun. I think it's time for a little payback. She did clean up her room AND take the trash out (all of it; not just hers). So I should cut her a little slack. Orrrr maybe not. If I have to keep hearing the 'hints' about what's her face being 'back in town' I'm going to SCREAM-A. Adele never 'asks' for anything; but she's GREAT about throwing out the idle fishing rod, hinting around at what she wants without directly saying it. She reminds me of a husband. WAHAHAHA. Mkay, that wasn't funny AT ALL.

Yo Jasper...
If you're stalking me, would you mind stopping at the store on your way over and getting some virgin olive oil? Heh. I always forget something no matter how many trips I make to the store. I'm sure Publix LOVES me; but as soon as I find a close Food World, Publix is SO OUT. Too expensive, too many choices, too many TOYS AND JUNK that Adele 'hints around at.' Er. She's definitely one of those impulse buyers, and I can't say no to her. I've gotta work on that one. So now, the sun is shining, but I really REALLY don't want to get back out innit. Thus, that lil trip will wait, since I have substitutes FOR virgin olive oil.

And I'd just like to add, for the record, that if anyone was stalking me, I doubt they'd have jaspers_jungle's body. Yummmmmm.

Did *I* say that?


Come. TO. ME.

*waves gold pocketwatch in yer face*


I tried to align my text left and it turned BLUE. WHASSUP WITH THAT?



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