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I've been commissioned to write a speech. Weeeee! It's official. The subject? Delegation. Aaaaahahahaha! He and I are both horrible about delegating work to it's ironic that he'd give me this task, which is oh so important, to do for him (or he delegated it to me). :-D

Yeah, so my first thought on it was get the receptionist or mailroom guy (someone ALL the higher-ups know) to approach the podium (with my friend hidden from view), and begin by saying that he'd "delegated this speech to her/him because they're so much younger and more attractive." Hhahahha. He loved it, and is, in fact, going to use that idea. He even has the perfect guy in the company for the role, one who is apparently charming and all the chicks dig (with a 'company rep'...we all know those types). Every company has one (unless you work for a teeny tiny company; and even then, there might be one, eh?). Although I took a class on this very subject (since I, too, have trouble delegating), he's put me to task to read a couple of books written by well-known speakers of the subject. WEEE. I'm getting paid to READ. You GOTTA love a gig like that. The speech itself will only be 20 to 30 minutes, tops. I can do that in my sleep without reading books on it.
  • Hire a good group you trust
  • Give them what you feel they can handle
  • Check up from time to time
  • RELAX. Or you'll kill their morale
  • When you receive said finished work (at the deadline you've assigned them), resist the urge to 'rework'

    The. End.A.

    Heh. Sounds easy, but is more difficult than most think (unless you've been in this position of having to delegate). I have ONE PERSON who I delegate my side jobs to (and only in crises situations). I trained him myself, fresh out of college, mind open, and eager to learn. However, speech writing is over his head. AP Style is nothing in this case; delivery is everything.

    Back to life
    So, I'm not going in to that other thing. Adele is here, and going on and on about how she CAN SWIM because it's not lightening. It's RAINING. HARD. She can't swim with weather like that. Just when she thinks it's safe, BOOM. She'll be stricken by lightening. Or so my paranoid mom-brain thinks, anyway. She's making mirror art right now. :) Cute.

    Now I'm juggling two small jobs, one of which pays big, the other steady, but NEITHER in time for Adele's birthday it seems. Maybe. I don't know. If there's one thing I hate discussing, it's money. Ugh. Anyway. Her birthday is the 20th (and just so happens to finally fall on father's day); so her dad will, for the first time since our divorce, have her on her birthday. In a way, it's sad for me since *I* had her, and I'm her mom. Okay, that's selfish to think. Still. Okay, enough about all that. Some things are best saved for private entries.

    Back to it. What's the point in delegating if the delegatEE doesn't hop on it?

    Oh, and big thanks to those of you who were concerned. Everything's okey dokey. :) :D
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