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For the record

Mkay. Since this issue arose with more than five people yesterday, I'm going to make sure that it's really clear:

  • If I'm not visible, I'm busy. I'm working (which pays rent, THIS ISP, my groceries, etc. etc.), OR with Adele. I'm hidden for a reason.

  • No, you're not an exception. I'm not thinking *anyone* realizes this, but *everyone* thinks they're an exception. Which means I have 57432857295 IM boxes piled on top of each other, waiting for me to respond as if I'm not blocked when I CLEARLY AM.

  • This is ESPECIALLY for those who 'hate AOL': Yeah yeah, you speak badly about AOL, and yet *we* can be online and hidden AND message if we choose to. So those of you who've spent the past few years "Aol-bashing"? These little netiquette rules go doubly for you.

  • Speaking of...JUST BECAUSE I'M ON AOL DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO 'FIND ME' IF I'M ONLINE AND BLOCKED. Ever. It's freakin' rude, and *I* have my 573285795 years of being online "found someone" when they were blocked. In fact, if I'm blocked from viewing someone, I don't even take it personal! How about that! LEARN FROM IT.

  • I might love you to death; but if I'm blocked, I'm NOT going to 'love your own invasion of my private space.'

  • And I'll quickly grow to NOT like you very much if you continue repeatedly (especially if I have ASKED YOU NICELY to stop).

  • I hate to point out the obvious -- but 'finding' someone who's blocked is stalkeresque behavior. Period. Unless I've said to you "please find me; I'm stealth, but I do want to talk about this or that" then I'll throw YOU in the pile of "stalkers." Bet.

  • Did I already mention how rude and invasive it is?!

  • The only exception ever is when I've actively asked 'you' or anyone a question, etc. etc. And no -- that little comment I made 30 years ago SO DOESN'T COUNT THIS WEEK.

  • Continue messaging me when I'm blocked, and I'll make sure you're 'deleted' off every thing I have -- buddy lists, journals, etc. It's freakin' rude.

  • QUESTION ME about it? And you'd best be paying my bills, too. This is MY LIFE. How DARE YOU ASSUME that just because I'm on, I'm here for *you*? News flash! I'm not. I'm working. I'm looking up stuff for my daughter. I'M ALWAYS BUSY.

  • Yes, this applies to real life friends, too, because at THIS point, I'm sick of it.

  • One thing you need to understand about AOL: If you IM me, and I'm blocked WITH AN AWAY MESSAGE UP, I can't see your instant message UNTIL I take the message DOWN. Which means you're being...stupid ridiculous if you CONTINUE messaging me WELL AFTER YOU'VE RECEIVED MY AWAY MESSAGE.

    And last, but certainly not least...

    If I want to chat, and see you on or you see me, then it's all fair. You'll never hear a peep out of me.

    If I say "bye" ... BYE MEANS BYE. It means "go away before you start looking like a freaky stalker. I have never in my 573285795 years of being on the internet went to such lengths as I've witnessed JUST. TO. TALK. TO. ONE. PERSON. I'M NOT SPECIAL, EXCEPT IN MY WORLD.


    If you think this doesn't apply to you, then disregard. If you know you're violating my 'blocked' rights, then pay attention. Again, several people did this yesterday (not just one, and no, I'm not targeting anyone specifically, as I get 'strangers' just as often as 'friends'). BUT PLEASE. It's NOT WORTH IT to keep on and on, nagging like a bloody wife trying to get her husband's attention.


    One more thing:

    E-mail. It works.

    That is all.
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