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It did it again! Whoosh...gone! Ech!

OMG! I signed in to add a little more for today, and deleted the entire passage. Uh uh; say it ain't so.

Deenar plans

I've been on the phone talking with David and we've agreed to move tonight's plan until tomorrow. Cooleous with me. Think I should slow down the going out process? Nahhhhhh. I feel he and I are going to form a cool friendship :) That's always a good thing, especially considering initially (years' ago), we started off with the physical attraction/chemistry thing being our main bond. Oh yeah, it's still there but can definitely wait :) We're older and wiser now, and can find interesting things about each other (or not...gulp).

No sleep for insomnacs...I'm proof! But I'm wrapping this up, and hitting it. I've done too many girliee things to my body tonight. Time to ooze my way to the bed. Eyes feel like they have little weights on them, and I keep losing the home keys. Oh yea, it's time to go!

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