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SOMEONE is making my friend's page scroll into China. GrrRrr. I can't read any of my friend's entries because of one lil offender. And no, I've not tried to find out who the culprit is. Isn't that what LJ placeholders are used for?! I'm just sayin'...if I unfriend someone for a day, that's why. I unfriended the non-stoppable scrolling text person, but will friend ya back as soon as you drift onto my second page. :) If I can't read, well, what's the point? You'll be put back immediately on the list when that huge text thing goes away :-D

Does anyone REALLY feel patriotic this year?
That was rhetorical. We should be ashamed. I don't think this to be anti-patriotic, but since we're hated by OHHHH the entire world, I think we should cool down on the 4th. Independence would mean a little more if we weren't in some conflict. And I'm so not going there. Not even gonna write my "Dear President Bush" letter. Not gonna mention the movie "The Day Reagan Was Shot" that I saw yesterday. OH NO. I'M NOT GOING TO REMIND MYSELF OF ALL THIS CRAP. I've always loathed the holidays for personal reasons; but this year, I have a new one. And that's that. We do, however, have plans to cookout...but that's not uncommon. This shouldn't be misconstrued as celebrating. Plans were MUCH more fun before I got sick. Bleh. Still, the lake is always a fun option :-D

Moving right along...
Managed to stay awake to watch the Grim Adventures...*cough*. AHAHAHAHA. Mkay, the Grim Reaper being stalked is just funny. Was working on Spiderman art while it was on, and only managed to get his face sketched last night. :-D Haha. Of course, I stayed awake right on past my sleep window and ended up maybe getting two hours of sleep, tops. I feel wretched today. Ugh. Not even seeing Jessica Simpson ask her husband if "Chicken by the Sea" was chicken is enough to make me smile or laugh. GAWD. HOW COULD SHE BE FAMOUS WITH THAT little pea brain?! LOL. The first time I saw it, I almost cried. I kinda felt sorry for her. Friends? Don't let stupid friends be interviewed. Ever.

Store run
Was uneventful. Yay! No traffic, got the first parking spot and found what I needed effortlessly. That's gotta be a first. The girl working behind the counter wanted to talk about my sunglasses, but besides that...yeah.

And the rest of my info shall be saved for a private entry. I'm doing that alot lately. :) This time, for a good reason :-D free web counters

Roger, wilco, out.

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