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It's a horror trying to update

ARRRRRRRRRRGH. WHYYY is LJ STILL being so obstinant? Is it just the Green and Ribeye clusters? Or am *I* jinxing them? Adele swears that I'm jinxing us out of having thunderstorms, and that by my sheer will alone, move the storm icon over every day. Hahahaha. Kidsssss. :-D

King WHO?
Er. Next to "Glitter" this is the worst movie EVER. The best part of it was Adele saying "is she supposed to be an Indian?" Hahaha. Her commentary alone was entertaining. The movie SUCKED. However, AFTER the movie, we walk outside and tada! There stood Big Jim!! I haven't seen him since well before the move, and it's so odd how he and I always seem to bump into each other. Hrm. Our lives seem to run parallel. Just bizarre, that's all I'm saying. I wish I'd had more time to chat with him. We BOTH saw the movie and made equal fun of it :-D LOL. We also had er, a hilarious conversation about a mutual nemesis/dingleberry we know, who borders on manic/depressive and paranoia. WAHAHAHA. The fun things ya learn when you bump into old friends :-D

So we threatened to stand outside and warn people NOT TO SEE IT NO MATTER WHAT. Really, it was THAT awful. I'm neverrrrrr going to forget first, the anticipation and second, the huge letdown. It's like going out with the man of your dreams, only to find out he can't kiss. YIKES. I told Adele that she had every right to fully hate me at this point, and that taking her to see the movie bordered on child abuse. LOL. Any parent who'd make their child stay and watch all. that. stupidity. SHOULD be punished, roundly. Or squarely. Punished in SOME way.

And now, I'm SOOO dreading dinner. Oh yeah. We're going to go AROUND AND AROUND about my choice for dinner, so I'm not even going to ask her what she wants, nor tell her what I'm cooking. Although 99.9% of everyone on the planet LOVES tonight's cuisine, my spawn -- because it has a little GREEN in it -- claims to hate it. Um. She ate all of it last time, and hopefully, I won't have to fight her to eat it THIS time. I don't think I'll be so lucky. Grrr. She'll sit there, picking at it, looking all sad, and making me feel guilty, for taking her to the movie and cooking THAT. I feel the angst already. GREAT. LOVELY. FINE.

I'm cleverly putting it off until she's almost starving; that way, I'll be assured she'll eat some of it anyway. The old argument of "it's good for you!" never works. I think she could live off Taffy and Spree and never get tired of it. Ughhh. And NOW, I've gotta make sure EL JAY updates. If it neglects to post at all, it'll post this four or five times at least. FUNNNNNN. free web counters

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