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The Girl Can't Help It...

...she neeeeeds loooooveeeeee (singin'). :D K's back! When I went to pick her up, she was outside playing soccer. Yikes. I'm sure THAT will be her NEXT sporting endeavor. :) She had a blast with MK, and now they're trying to con one of us moms into letting the other spend the night., it wasn't referring to you (you know who you are!). :D Relax...don't do get it :) ... behave!

We went out for dinner tonight on K's request. It was nice :) Like being out with a girlie friend :D She flirted with the waiter -- who ALWAYS flirts when we eat there -- and he flirted back ( I LOOK desperate?). Of course, I feigned ignorance, and let K make her lil remarks. I swear sometimes I think she tries to 'set me up.' Eeeks. She used her trickery to get me to look at some...oddity, of which I'm destined to laugh beyond my control, freaking both me and the person out. GREAT. I fell for it AGAIN. But I have to admit -- this restaurant BEGS for 'weird' people to show up to it. So I suppose I left myself WIDE OPEN for dat. :) Ahhh well...all in good fun. :) I told her I was going to have her teeth surgically removed this year, however, if she keeps snapping/biting/pouncing on me. GEEZ. THIS time, she left a mark. Her response?

"ALL that will be left of YOU will BE your teeth, once I get ahold of you." Her, threatening to eat me. GREAT. I thought only MOMS ate their children in the wild. I'm sleeping with one eye open. :)

So now we're home, and I'm rushing around...again. Today is NEVERRRRR gonna slow down! And I loathe these short days; I just FEEL like I should be in (looking over, thinking it looks soOOooo inviting). I'm such a nerd.

Okey...gotta run. No more news from moi (yeah yeah, you're happy, I Airyone be cool and luff one another (except in traffic, where ya can't help it).

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