Creeping Through The Cellar Door (none_too_subtle) wrote,
Creeping Through The Cellar Door

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Can I have MORE FUN than I am NOWWW?

If you received e-mail from me (besides the warning) and it had any attachment, DON'T open it.

This is a public service announcement, BTW.

AOwell password stolen. Had to change it (again).

If I really really dislike you and you received warning mail about the mail with an attachment, NO, it's not me, extending the olive branch; I just felt it my civic duty to report this to you.

If you're someone I like RUN FROM MY MAIL if it has attachments.

Password changed successfully (and I think I know where I got it from and need to tell THEM that their mail has been hijaacked; again). Sammme person keeps getting this password thing, and WE (the recipients) are snagged in return.

In other news, I'm still sick. Stay far away from me. Here and in real life.

That is all.
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