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Spawnage of the day

Went to dreaded Publix and spent more money than EVERRRRRR on regular schtuff (whiskers, new trash can, etc. etc.). So, I told the bagger to put all the stuff he could into the trash can so Adele could hold it on the way home (since clearly, it WON'T fit in a Miata with $200 worth of groceries on top of all that in my trunk; the trunk holds about a loaf of bread; and I'm a SUPER BARGAIN shopper, so we had twice the food for the price).

The comedy on the way home, after the comedy inside the store:

Adele: GAH MOM. This trash can weighs 574328597 pounds, and is crushing my bladder. I'VE GOTTA PEE. Plus, I can't SEE anything.

Me: Hahahahah. You don't HAVE TO SEE; you're not DRIVING. Now you see how *I* felt, having you ride on my bladder for nine months, which, incidentally, made me pee every hour and killed any ideas of future sex. *preened, laughed, etc.*

Adele: *glares* It's ALSO making my arm numb and CRUSHING MY HIPBONE.

Me: Good! Maybe THAT will kill YOUR sexual future.

Adele: GREAT.

Me: *sideways eye-balling her* What SEXUAL FUTURE? YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE ONE.



I really *should* record our daily interaction. It's freakin' hilarious. LOL. We could be comedy a-deux. When I told her this she said: "I'M NOT HUNGRY."


Oooooo I see; she's STILL making fun of me from last night...greaaaat.

Waaaaaaaahahahaahaha. Ya had to be there.

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