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No good deed goes unpunished

Or was it Murphy's Law? WHATEVER THE CASE, I'm driving home, stop at Rite-Aid for a paper and Big Fizz, and am traveling about 70 mph when BOOM. Tire blew SLAP OUT. W.T.H?????????????????????? Fortunately, when my dad bought my first car, he taught me how to do all that shiznet -- check the oil, troubleshoot, change a tire and carry a spare gallon of gas, etc. etc. Mazda taught me how to use the anti-theft device.

BUT THE HEAT WAS UNREAL. Although several manly men stopped and offered to help, what is it about me already having it jacked up and off did they not get?

I realize this is sorely mis-directed anger. So I'm thinking about WHO, EXACTLY needs blame for this (because it's not ME this time). Oh yeah...yeah yeah yeah. THAT ONE REALLY HORRIFIC MARRIAGE. HIS FAULT.

Oh...oh...yeah, let's make it a little better. So realizing that for once, I'd brought my cell, I call Eddie (who carries around an air-pump). Simple, right? Yeah, so I called him and he got ALL HATEFUL/STUPID JUST LIKE MY MOTHER. AGAIN. That was IT. I told him that I was near Rite Aid (and DANG YOU CAN'T MISS MY CAR; there are only two like it in BIRMINGHAM), and he was all "WHICH RITE AID?" OMG. OMG. JUST. OMG. Like there's ANOTHER RITE-AID WITHIN A GAZILLION MILES OF HERE.

That does it. Any/All communications/friendships/etc. come to an end, and er...yeah. Right now, I'm resisting the urge to do horrible things. Yeah.



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