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Sun crazed

THAT poll made so little sense that even *I* can't fill it out. WTH? I'm just sayin'; I need a little sleep and the sun's fried what's left of my brain.

So I ordered a movie for like $1 off Amazon. Three months' later, it's not here and Amazon wants to know about my "experience." I go psycho, and they refund the $1 (+S&H, which was $6...??). Should I keep the movie AND refund, or send them e-mail notifying them of its arrival? WAS guaranteed before June 25. Grr.

And the OTHER bizarre poll thing was the "mystery", which should've read something to the effect of "This is a Ward-kinda question; you have me in a room alone. What are we doing/What would you do to/with me?" Scrabble counts. So does Pictionary :-D

Yeah. I need a SERIOUS NAP.

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