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Imma gone officially end THIS day

STOP THE MADNESS. So plans have changed in every way -- from tire to groceries to plans etc. -- and I'm going to hit the hay really early because of this freakin' pinched nerve. Ughhh it hurts, and stings all the way through my chest. I can only sleep on my stomach now with comfort. Er...that's never safe. :)

I think Sean's in a super crappy mood, because he logged in when they finally put new tires on his car, and then locked up. Since he didn't call, I'm making alternative plans. Yash.

Too many depressing movies on today. It's a good thing I don't feel depressed. Hrmmm :) Who can we thank for all that? Stankyy Azzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! Weeeehooooooo.

Note to self, #132: Never EVER talk on the phone, via IM or even in real life whilst taking Klonopin EVARRRRR.

Eaten my quota for today, and feel like I should just go to bed. But I almost have that giddy, high school feeling going on...anticipation? Expectations? Hmmm...frisky? Heh. Yesssss. That's what it is, only it's not spring. My body's been tricked by time or something.

I'm still disturbed by the manufacturing of my Blue Boyfriend. BUMMER. Just like my other lil idea; I'm just waiting on someone to start selling that. Only a matter of time. But who would've thunk the blue boyfriend idea would ever work?! Figures, considering all the single womens I know, and how they/we? plan on staying this way ;-) There's a certain beauty, being in your prime and single. Yash. 'Nuff said about all that.

There's not a cloud in the sky despite the forecast. And I'm surprised why?!? Mehhh. Still, I expect to sleep, again, like a baby tonight, too :) :) :) :) I'm exhausted, and my shoulder needs the rest. Today was almost as mentally stressful as yesterday. Good fodder for sleep. That, and crying. A good cry makes for a great night's sleep.

Going out for a swim, but I'm soo not saying when. Er, yeah. *defers to friend's only entry, made recently* Gotta get back into that groove. I've been taking two aspirin a day now because of increasing pain. I need to swim; it can help. I need to also try and eat more (and healthy), like I did when Adele was here 24/7. This sporadic snacking thing isn't at all good for me, and I've lost the weight I gained. Grrrr.

ACK!! Was cable-surfing while updating this, and MISSED The Secret Window!! *kicks own a$$* First, I missed it at the theater. NOW, I MISSED IT ON CABLE. GAHHHHHH.

I won't even get into the news today. Oh nooo. Don't need to get on that soapbox.

My car is still making me sick. Blah. Must. Not. Look.

The wind is blowing, and my windchimes are soothing. :)

I'm leaving this thang and not looking at it again until tomorrow. And that's thatttttttttttt. free web counters

Bye bye. :-D

Y'all stay!!

No, y'all come go with us!!

No, y'all STAY!!


Wahahaha. Yeah. I need a break, allrighty.

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