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Suckered into cooking deenar...again!

GEEZ. Howwwww did I get into THIS one?! It started off with an innocent computer class (I was giving, in other words). NOW I have to do dinner here first! Yikes. I need my SLEEP! What's a girl to do? Jaegerschnitzel with mushroom gravy, fried potatoes and grilled asparagus and pineapple are on the menu for the 'eve. Easy to make, yummy as it can be, and I won't be in such a frenetic rush to make it here to there. Don't have to be at the good doc's until 8 p.m. (I know...past my bedtime!); but the pay's almost as good as freelance writing I'm not gonna complain. :) It's JUST Powerpoint after all. And I'll probably end up 'doing it' for him like I did last time instead of his LEARNING. (Gonna bring a ruler and slap those hands!)<--being a mean teacher... :)

Special K Wit Dad

Her dad finally got back in town, and she just left for a visit. Of course TWO JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS movies showed up in the MAILBOX! Whereeeeee did the second one come from?! Did I leave them in there so long they started to breed, or WHAT? Hahaha. (cough) So I told her to take one to her dad's and leave one here (ugh). And she did.

Worried about a friend...

Despite the horns and the 'bite me' pic, I'm not a bad person; in fact, there's more good in me ANY day than bad, and the pics are all in good fun/humor. But right now, I'm seriously worried about someone. He's gotten involved in some pretty shady goings-on and QUICK (drugs [both prescribed and street], alcohol, etc.) *I* can't talk to him; so all of you who do believe, please say a prayer for my friend, to ease the internal pain that causes him to do these things. Besides the fact that he could get busted, he's turning into a stranger. Addiction does that, and it's scary to watch someone go through it *sigh*. Anyway...mention him when you pray, or in your thoughts...

The Sims?!

Kat imed me today, and called me a SIMS-A-HOLIC. I had NO CLUE what she was talking about. She then told me some chick (named TerriBoBerry), who had the same look, same verbage, same body, same face...same attitude, etc., was a character in a game I've never heard of. THIS makes me a wee bit nervous. There's some chick out there, pretending to be a journalist/writer, looking like me, ACTING like me, and telling Kat she IS me, all the while SOUNDING like me. It HAS to be someone who knows me in real life (Kat says, or thinks).'s not funny, to whomever is doing it (despite the fact that Kat said she's awesome to play with; that's why she thought it WAS me), and I wish you'd take on your OWN persona, instead of MINE.

Allrighty. The guys are calling, and I have mucho to accomplish. Airyone behave... :)

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