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Another LJ whatta day

Although I waited until the very last minute possible, I accomplished a ton of my goals, leaving very little to do for Adele's arrival. Weee! Thank GOD. I dunno what's up with my leetle friend's list, but no one's really yappin' today, or there's nothing to 'read.' Whassup wit you guys?! Er, *I* should complain, since I've not contributed much, either. It's just been one of those days.

Good Year extortion
Wahahahahaha. Mkay, perhaps my cutline is a wee bit unfair, but let's face it -- if we bat our eyes, look halfway decent and make guys laugh, we can pretty much call the shots on...well, everything.

The doughnut dilemma solved
So when I first had the blowout, I called EVERYWHERE to find just ONE good deal on a tire for that freakin' car. NO ONE could go under $70...and that was ONLY for the TIRE. $70 was rock-bottom, Sam's Discount Club bottom-shelf Miata tire. :/ Since I was feeling all empowered today, despite YESTERDAY, I WENT to Good Year. I honed in on the manager, started smiling, joking (and ya know, I can't help it if my jeans were a lil tight, and my shirt Good Year was the most expensive route to go.

On the PHONE.

So I was all cozying up in conversation, and said something like "well, if it's more than $10, you're gonna KILL me..." and he started going through the computer (while I flattered him/them on their advertising campaign...heh), searching for tires, and finally said that he would only put his best tire for my car on it; and the total (for a top-shelf tire, rotation, balancing and everything)? $74. OMG. I got that tire FREE. Wahahahah. Mkay, so maybe I do feel a little guilty. But still...I couldn't just buy a tire at Sears that inexpensive, much less have them mount, balance and rotate. Heh. Girlllllllll power, baybay. It's still the name of the game. And I figure it all evens out, since men traditionally make higher salaries for doing the sameeee jobs. Yeah. Something like that. Plus, there were about 572895489789 cars all parked with the Good Year thing in the windshields waiting on their turns. It took them five minutes to take care of me :-D YEAH YEAH. I do feel slightly guilty. But um...not THAT MUCH.

Sometimes, it IS good to be a girl. :)

The rest of today
So I've gotta get out of the driving slow habit, now that the funmobile is out and about again. :-D I had to go through MOM TRAFFIC HELLLLLLo to pick Adele up, and will go through carpool tomorrow. WEEEEEEEE. MOM MOBILES. THE JOY. *cough* Just since her vacation, she looks so much older. It's frightening. She was wearing this thick thread around her neck and wrist. I told her she looked like a newspaper, and she was all "MmmmoooooooooooooooMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm! This is in, gah!" *blink* Mkay. Wearing a string that belongs around a newspaper is the "in" thing. I missed the memo. Heh. Up until this moment, we've been excitedly yapping about everything. Twas beautiful. Mkay, I swore not to go on and on about her anymore. But still. :-D SO PROUD.

Jetted by Krippy Kreme, and dove into the box. OMG IT WAS SO HOT it burnt my FINGERS. OWWWWWWWWWWWW. Yessss, I ate TWO...COUNT 'EM...TWOOOOO krippy kremes out of my new paranoia, and am trying to think of what sounds good for dinner. we go. Again. My fingertips are all numb from snatching that overheated doughnut out of the box too quickly. I think underneath the first layer of skin there is sugar. That's great.

Pinched nerve
:( :( :( It's getting worse. Not better. Plus, no relief in sight. At ALL. It's making me nervous, and I feel like it's affecting my posture, bone structure...everything. My whole arm goes numb frequently and this scares me. But the worst is the pain. GOD. Just TWO HOURS OF NO PAIN AND I'LL BE HAPPY. PLEASE??????????? I try to ignore it while working, but it's ALWAYS there, tapping me on the shoulder, brutally reminding me that not only is it still there, but there in a bigger way. Need. Chiro. Or. Ortho. BAD. Blah.

MKKKKKKKAY THAT DOES IT. Adele just sached into my room and immediately went for my closet, taking an armful of clothes with her. Time to scrap...heh. She's gonna git it. HOW DARE?

Yeah, yeah. That is all.
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