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The Goddess in me...lacks femininity. And that's surprising...because? All are pretty equal in percentage except for that missing girl in me. I think I've killed my inner child!!

You are 17% Hera
If you possess many of Hera's qualities, you tend to find fulfillment in relationships and look on marriage as a permanent union. In marriage you feel no sense of frustration or resentment because you are an equal partner with your spouse. You are confident and have no trouble asserting your authority in and out of the relationship. You seek men who are self-confident and successful, because you are comfortable with the concept that you can be fulfilled through him (and him through you). As long as your partner honors the marriage as much as you do and appreciates you, you will be happy. If he doesn't, you must concentrate on your own growth and discover an identity independent of him.

(The most prominent, which comes as NO surprise)
You are 25% Hestia
If you embody the qualities of Hestia, you understand the value of having your own sacred place, whether it's an actual room or simply a time of day when you free your mind of busy thoughts and experience peace. While home is your sanctuary, you are at home with yourself wherever you are and no matter who you are with. You know that the meaning of your life springs from your spiritual center. This brings you a great sense of security. You do not crave attention or material possessions; you nurture your friends and family with your unconditional love.

You are 0% Aphrodite
If you are ruled mostly by Aphrodite, your femininity and passionate spirit are the controlling forces in your life. You tend to be charismatic and self-assured, comfortable with your body, and unrestrained sexually. Men are drawn to you like bees to flowers; which this satisfies your erotic nature. However, you tend not to form permanent attachments with lovers because you value your sexual freedom, and this may leave you feeling lonely and even depleted once a relationship ends. To find and form a more lasting relationship, you need to add more of the goddess Hera to your life.

You are 17% Athena
If you are ruled by Athena, you are bright-eyed, shrewd, resourceful, and inventive. With friends, you are the wise counselor—always ready with an empowering message. You believe strongly that women can accomplish anything men can. No wonder you put so much time into your career! Athena women tend to be ruled by their heads, not by their hearts. You carefully guard your intimate side, protecting your emotions and vulnerability. If you want to awaken your unexpressed womanliness, you'll have to use the same passion you apply to your intellectual achievements. It's important that you work to integrate your strong masculine side with your feminine side—bringing together your strength and your vulnerability, your creativity and your caring, your intelligence and your imagination. Allow your aspects of the goddesses Hestia and Aphrodite to help you do this.

You are 17% Artemis
If you are ruled by Artemis, you are an independent spirit and belong to no one but yourself. Your body is vibrant, your attitude robust ,and your manner vigorous and alive. You are driven by physical rather than mental energy. You feel complete without a man in your life and would never compromise your essential nature for a romantic partner. You are skilled at establishing personal boundaries and enter into relationships on your own terms—in short, you can take care of yourself. This attitude may at times put men off.

You are 8% Persephone
If you exemplify the qualities of Persephone, you have an ethereal, otherworldly air about you and are highly creative. Your youthful spirit shines through no matter what your age. You are also familiar with either emotional or physical loss. This experience has forced you to face the dark, unenlightened side of yourself and transform yourself into a stronger, more independent, more accepting, and more compassion person. It may have also led you down a spiritual path and moved you to place great emphasis on inner calm and on close connections with friends. You are capable of embracing, integrating, and accepting difficult experiences. Because of this skill, you offer others the gift of empathy—you understand what others have been through.

You are 17% Demeter
If you fit the Demeter archetype, you are a nurturer and caretaker. You have a generous heart and enjoy extending your love to others. You are motivated by the most powerful of instincts—to give life and to selflessly devote yourself to the life you create. You feel compelled to care for all those around you, even if they are not your own children. In short, you feel the need to be all things to all people, and therefore your own needs sometimes go unmet. You must learn to say no, applying Artemis's sense of boundaries and Aphrodite's ability to put herself first. That way, you can give to others from an overflowing rather than a half-full cup.

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