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I'm too superficial to stay depressed

Let's just all agree that no, there isn't just ONE person out there for us, but perhaps many. We just need to find 'em. Just because we bonded with someone 5738295729 years' ago doesn't mean we're STILL supposed to be together. Yeah. So that's that.

As if I was gonna stay gone forever
PLEASE. Didn't want to waste good polling options by being gone forever. Plus the reason I left is STUPID. So that's that. And to think -- my enemies didn't even get a chance to say what they wanted...wahahaha! I left that entry OPEN just so they could take some cheap shots.

Of course, the stalker PHAREAAAAAAK follows me everywhere. Having fun yet, living my life, watching, knowing what *I* want you to? That's what I thought. And again, I apologize to those on my friend's list who've been "anonymously hit" by this jackass.

Ooo the memories
Thank God I save memorable entries in private memory banks. Le Batfish has his own sub-section, I discovered whilst pawing through my saved memories. I really give him too much credit, I think. *sigh* Mkay...I'm not thinking about all that, so, right. But since I decided TODAY not to do ANYthing unless Le Batfish initiates, it's a memorable event. I'll be looking at it a year from now (which is probably when he'll contact me again), and going through this crap, unless I end up married. Heh. There's that. I've already talked him out of my system to the point to where I'M bored with it. And sixgun45lc was right -- passive/aggressive behavior. I hate being confused. :/

My spawn
Has proven to be a great source of entertainment. Her mantra yesterday was "You had me at hello" followed by this sad face. LOL. Err...yeah. Today, we passed SOME ANIMAL that neither of us had a clue what it was. I should paintshop that thang and see if anyone can guess what it was. It was brown, furry, small snout, no tail that we could IS IT? Anyway, we guessed but I'm sure we're wrong. I even stopped the car and we went on an impromptu weed-search for it. We're lucky not to have rabies, I'm thinking, after crawling through 2-foot high weeds. At the least, spider bites. *shiver* She did, however, change her mind about visiting her grandmom. She decided to go today, which will leave me time to brood. I'mmmmmm thinking I'll be asleep by the time she gets back. WOO. I'm such a party animal. Somebody stop me.

Nothing worth journaling going on, and so I'll exit, stage left. All that needs to be said has been.

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