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And having said THAT...[edit]

I'm gonna watch Blue Steel, take a hot (and hopefully relieving) bath, and GO. TO. BED.

My bedroom floor is covered with baskets and books. ACK. Sooo disorderly; it makes me uncomfortable.

Of course, jonboi_net is gonna have his work cut out for him *smirk*. He, eight puppies, and __kara. Weeeee! I love it when a plan comes together :-D seems like I'll probably spend the rest of the evening with carpet cleaning d00ds, since I made contact with the owner, and she's calling for emergency help. GOODY. MY BEDROOM, you can't exactly walk around in it. I think I'll just move my lil act to Adele's bedroom until they're finished with their bidness (IF they show up tonight; we're still not sure).

I wanna go to bedddddddddd *whines*

I wanna back rub!
I wanna head rub!!
And then, I want him to GET OUT.


That is all.

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