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It's Snowing...yikes.

OOoooooooooook. I was on my way to the grocery stoe when I realized that's snowing. GAH. This means every blue-hair, every redneck, every freaked out housewife statewide will be at MY GROCERY STORE, in MY TRAFFIC, making what should be a quick trip for necessities a nachtmare. HELP!!! I'm accepting delivery volunteers (preferably an 18-year-old non-English speaking Italian...heh).

Hillary showed up ANYway. K's fever is down, and according to doc not contagious. She's tired, but fortunately they both enjoy the same things -- crafts, games, know, nerdy stuff like moi :D I just now ran them out of my room, since they both appeared to be having a little too much fun. Um. I DO have the smallest room in the house! I let K have the master why o why do they want to hang out in HEREEEE?!

I'm littenin'...

I hear them, playing a card game (probably Uno). Whew. They're busying themselves. Although they're cousins, they really don't know each other very well. I'm hoping this will be a good thing for both of them (we all know how much family trouble I have...ugh).

Meanwhile, back at the heating pad

My knees are KILLING ME. I really really really should've consulted with a doctor this past week (or even a month ago). Now it's crunch time, and I feel like my knees are going to grind down to fine powder. Ugh. ::banging head against monitor:::

Anyway, gonna give the snow time to stop before I head out. I do have all the basic food groups here, so I'm not in a panic...yet. :)

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