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Another animated fish movie; say it ain't so

Looks like I'm going to be dragged kicking and screaming to see "Shark Tale," since Adele is all hyped about it. It starts TOMORROW. Which means...I'll be driving in ALL THAT BAD TRAFFIC -- right AFTER school, and right AS people get off work. *screams* I've seen the "Ten Best Things" on VH1; all in all, it looks like it'll be good (Angelina Jolie + Will Smith + Jack Black = can't be ALL bad). But er, after Finding Nemo, I think we've had ENOUGH underwater eutopias, right?

Fishy, fishy, fishy, was such an elusive fish.
Yeppp. That'll be me, trying to stay awake during the movie, only to be -- an hour and a half later -- kicking it into overdrive and racing with whomever dares to take over my road. I've gotta get this hot and cold thing under control. No wonder I have heart problems. Between me, making MYSELF crazy, others who try to help me along, and the unwitting idiot on the street/standing in line/etc., I'm doomed unless I make a serious lifestyle change. Although, how I could move any slower or make any LESS public appearances than I do now is unfathomable. As it is, it takes a congressional act to get me to leave my hamster bubble of protection. Or Adele. So -- I'll be trapped/lured/guilted into going to that movie, and also have to make a grocery store run. NOOOOOOO. WITH her. The horror! The fights! The "I DON'T LIKE THAT"s. Weeeee. Plus, I've got lots of splaining to do, that I'm not looking forward to. Different entry, my eyes only. Now that Adele is older, the things she and I talk about, often, aren't for everyone to see. She's become the only real confidante I feel I can trust implicitely (nothing personal to you guys who read...I mean this in a literal, face-to-face kind of way). Surprisingly, she adds new dimensions and ideas when I throw a problem or issue her way. She's definitely smarter than those with whom I associate (which is kinda sad if you think about it), and we love each other. That, alone, is enough for me. She's my one anchor to this planet, and I, the bouy, staying in a certain area, floating around a little, but not too far away at any given time. Certainly not out of her arm's reach. This year, more than ever, I've felt that I can communicate with her on a level that I didn't think I'd enjoy until she was in her 20's (and no, not about THAT kinda stuff...pfft! Eveeel). I know how lucky I am to have her. Which makes going to see yet another fish movie tolerable.

Death or something like it
So I'm listening to the movie "Flatliners" and I'm wondering: when those docs decided to "die", especially more than once, WHY DIDN'T THEY INCUR HEART DAMAGE? *screams* I've GOT to stop rewriting scripts whenever I watch a movie. THIS makes me almost as crazy as traffic. I know, I know -- it's JUST a movie. But I can't help myself. GrRRr. It's almost like these guys sit down with a GREAT idea, hammer out most of the serious details, but then leave out something like...oh I dunno...ELECTRICITY IN A BROKEN DOWN BUILDING? Yeah. I know when *I* grow up, I wanna be a flatlining med student, too! They can now add this to their list of most: alcoholism, divorces and suicides. Er...that's not funny. I'm just sayin'...don't make a movie UNreasonable when there is a reasonable way to write it out. Yeah, I know I'm screaming into the silence, but that's my prerogative. But enough about all that.

Commenting and screening
Perhaps I should change my original stance or thought process regarding the anonymous poster; for all 573285797859 bad, spiteful, vengeful comments we get, it's perhaps WORTH it for one GOOD one which appears, unsolicited from a friend's friend. At least it felt that way today, and has in the past. It also feels good when I get the odd e-mail, just to inform me that "they lurk, but have read it all the way through, and wanted to let me know...etc." I'll refrain from commenting, but it's always positive. With the exception of those who shall forever remain nameless and shameful. Yash. Those won't be mentioned here not as long as they hide behind a cloak of cowardice and anonymity. Bite moi.

Since I only got four hours of sleep last night, and have worked straight through today, pausing only to read my friend's list once, I'm going to lock up today, and relax before Adele gets out of school. Maybe we'll have something we never eat, like FISH STICKS or ohhhhh I dunno, TUNA? Heh. Little subliminal messages aren't harmful, are they? :-D Fish are friends...AND food, just like cows, pigs and cheekan.

It is absolutely beautiful outside.

That is all.

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