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Unmercifully unrepentant [Edit uno, since I don't wanna make a new one]

So yeah. Today has been a TOTAL bust, unless you count "networking and socializing" as productive. The latter of which will make a FINE little private (or other) journal entry ;-) Ahhhh, yes. A sense of achievement despite only dedicating four hours to reading over the "paying" crap.

Same sheize, different day only not
Sooooo, I was called today by someone's parent, and feel so dreadfully awful because SHE feels responsible for raising a psycho. I tried to reason with her, explaining that it's NOT her fault (and also illustrating it further, by explaining how evil *my* mother is, and how I SHOULD be a serial killer, yet am not). But as a mother, I can understand how she feels. I have no doubt I'd go through the SAME thing if Adele were to act like this. I KNOW how hard it is on her, and I feel awful about it. But again, I can't be 'held hostage' by this freak anymore, either. Nor should my friends have to suffer the 'comments' from aforementioned. I almost cried when she explained, in great detail, how she'd spent her whole life dedicated to raising him, and then, caring for sick family members, vocally voicing how she "could've failed him." IT'S NOT HER FAULT. I mean, I feel awful, but he HAS to be accountable/responsible (which I also explained to her). I don't feel 'angry' towards this person; I feel they need to be locked up, and undergo (again) serious mental evaluation. IMHO, all this started with that drunk driving incident. This person hasn't been the same since. *sigh*

Moooooving on to happier, lighter things
So yeah. I have a few invites for this weekend, but again I feel the need to simply chill out and watch movies. I'll have to -- at some point -- make a food run, but other than that, I've not made firm commitments. Er... :) Yeah. I've had a very interesting (and unparalleled) phone conversation for a few hours today. :D And that's that.

Ever drawn to the creeped-out movies, I'm now watching one, "Intensity", which is TOTALLY screwed up. Whyyy do I do this to myself? If it's creepy, or about the surreal/murderers/serial killers I'M SO IN. Heh. Just bizarre. I think I'm looking to OUTCREEP myself at some point. I dunno that this is possible.

The pineapple (which rightfully belongs to Adele) shall be suspiciously missing by the time she gets back. Heh. I can't be held responsible for what occurs at midnight ;-) *wink/nudge/blink/nod*

And right now, the pinched nerve is demanding I stop typing, and lay down to relax. Er...I do have "unspoken" plans for tonight, which I may or may not share. Kind of a...weird thing, but within my realm of...acceptance. Yeah. And that's that.

Yet ANOTHER writer
Have been communicating with an ex-military-turned-police officer who's written a book. He wants me to ghost for him and edit, also. I explained to him that if I didn't think it would sell (based on the minimal 50-page query), I wouldn't work with him, and would mentor him...for a fee, of course. It seems like my personal goal keeps getting pushed back for other people's work. In reality, I need to be under someone ELSE'S wing, so that I could at least get good benefits. Mehh. PLEASE, GOD, DON'T MAKE THIS ANOTHER CRAPPED OUT PIECE OF WORK. more edits. :D

The end. For now. :D
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