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Weird dream again about the military. I wonder if anyone ever stops dreaming/thinking about it, if they served more than two tours of duty? (Should cross-post this to women warriors). I was going TDY, and for some reason, only had ONE complete set of BDUs, one pair of issue socks, etc. and we were running late. My photographer was coming with me, so he told me he'd stop by the PX on our way to the flight line. UMMM. The PX was nowhere to be found, and in my dream I started panicking. We saw soldiers working on...something? some equipment, and stopped and asked them if any of them were a size (whatever I am), and one guy was. He was clearly drunk (they all were), and overly loquacious. I kept thinking "Hurry hurry, we have a chartered flight to catch" but this guy was all leisurely taking things out of drawers, all of which were colorful (which means no, they're not military-issue). At this point (in my head), I wanted to leave and figure it out when we reached our destination; but in my head, I didn't want to hurt the guy's feelings. Even though I only needed one uniform (since we had to fly in uniform, but would change into civilian clothes once we reached our destination), I was still panicking. Two is one; one is none.

Duh. Yeah, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out THAT lil dream. Actually, I've oddly had the one-uniform dream so many times over the past few years that it's JUST WEIRD. The last military dream I had, we were back in basic training. I mean, if I'm going to dream about the military, it should be some of the FUN STUFF, RIGHT? Not sleeping in the snow in a pup tent with a chick who's high on valium, nor going TDY and *almost* missing a plane because of the "one uniform" thing. Although that part of this dream is odd, the rest of it (the drunken guy who offered much, yet seemed to have nothing I needed) makes all kinds of sense.

And now, I'm going to be rushing around like clazy all day. Interview first, other tests elsewhere, phone calls, lions/tigers/bears, oh my! Ja. So All the fun I had piddling away yesterday ain't happenin' today. And for the record, I have two full uniforms in my closet. That lil dream makes no sense, particularly since I don't NEED them.


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