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Wilcommen, one and all a former co-worker and all around great person,


Don't let the evilllll name fool ya :-D She's a cool chick, and hopefully will keep up with this one. ;-)

So...somewhere in the middle of this job hunt thing, I've received many phone calls and e-mails from former co-workers, and started to think about that. How many people still keep in contact with their former co-workers? I'd do a poll, but am afraid that there aren't enough to formulate a good hypothesis. I have to say if there IS one thing I'm very proud of in my 5783245792 years of employment, it's the fact that no matter WHERE I've worked, nor with whom, nor how many countries away they might be, my former co-workers have always kept in touch with me. There is serious value in this, and it took me this long, I think, to realize it. Of course I'm always happy to receive the e-mails or phone calls from people I knew while living in Europe, NY, Atlanta, etc. -- but the fact that they KEEP in touch (and more -- seek me out on the web, and end up here) speaks volumes. While thinking about all this, I tried to think of one organization which doesn't have a former co-worker still calling or e-mailing and can't think of one. In fact, in MOST cases, two or more former co-workers/employees call and keep up with me. Ja...I'm bragging now :-D Or something.

We effect people whether we realize it or not. That's what I'm trying to say, I think. So I should be careful how I live my life, lest the last thing they remember is me mooning the Republican party the day before election.

*I'd like to justify this (again) by saying unless you've served in the Armed Forces, regular duty for more than TWO TOURS, then don't be a hatah when it comes to MY political decisions. THAT'S THAT. I served under the first Bush admin. And I'll say no more about it.

Yeah...movin' right along
So the highlight of today surprisingly turned out to be Elizabeth calling (from my former job) to see what's up. We had a nice little chat, and I hope that we'll keep in closer touch than we have over the past year. She's a great chick, we're both single, fun-loving and inherently "good" people. :) And I really really miss my girlfriends. Most of them have moved OUT of Alabama. *sobs* Can't say I blame them, but I miss them all the same. It's not the same with your male friends. You can tell so many more truths to a solid girlfriend than you could EVER tell a man. Despite how manly or androgenous I'd like to believe I am, the fact is I'm still a girl; and when I need to talk about girly stuff, it's nice to know that I have girlfriends with whom to go to with my girlishness and who get it. Guys just don't.

I've received two other phone calls outside of today's interviews regarding employment, but I really want the one for which I interviewed today. Both of the women with whom I interviewed were incredibly great (this is surprising, actually...I typically don't enjoy the whole process). more will be said, lest I jinx it. :D

Decisions, decisions. My neck is still killing me, although my range of motion has improved slightly from last night THANK GOD. Hurts pretty bad, though. Just NOW got off the phone with S.B., and it looks like we're gonna hang out again tonight (if I don't find an excuse to get out of it). He wants to go see a movie; and *I* want to veg out. Right now, I just wanna put on my jammies, pop in a good movie, and pass slap out. I'm still mourning the Halloween decision of my spawn, but this too shall pass.

I actually had something fairly important to journal, but have decided that it's best saved for a private entry. So that's that.

That is all. For now, anyhoo.

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