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Aftermath of Holiday Slaughter

So I took a sick day today. My stomach isn't right and I don't know whether it's a bug, my lack of eating for three days (and then crash-coursing and loading up), or just my body purging the holidays. I have to say that THIS holiday (from Christmas through New Year's) was very disconcerting; but I feel lucky *running to bathroom to throw up*.

Thank GOD the doctor's appointment is tomorrow morning first thing. I have a whole slew of things I need to discuss with him. I think it's time I sought private consultation instead, since the governmental system is soooooooo slow, and they screw up soooooo often. Anyway, the blue team has always been pretty good (okay, not the team but BH -- he's the guy I tell all my chit to, so he can relay these to the doctor who I've NEVER MET, who then refills my scripts, NONE of which are working, I might add, and I question why I'm on them). I'm going to *try* and get them to write these same scripts out, so I can PAY a PHARMACY to dispense them. The generics they keep there are simply NO GOOD. I discovered -- through a friend of mine who works in the pharmacy -- that the government/V.A. is the ONLY organization allowed to dispense meds PAST their expiration date. OMG. How mad was I when I discovered this? We all know the potential potency of any med is pretty much lost after a he's basically telling me that I'm getting second-hand meds. Meds which -- in a normal pharmacy -- would have to be disposed of because of the FDA after a year's expiration. UM. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Big brother ain't actin' right, and I think it's time I told MOM on him :) There are so many other things going on there that it makes me sick. My friend (who shall remain nameless to protect him from disciplinary action) has shown me document upon document that have been passed down from above, specifically telling the pharmacists to 'cheat' patients out of meds either a few days late, or early. In other words -- if you have a dad who was an honorable veteran, who fought for this country and almost died, HE could be getting cheated out of meds which could very well save his life. Because I went further and looked, specifically, at which meds they were 'holding back'. These aren't 'fun' meds or 'abused' ones. These are for patients with asthma, diabetes...the EXPENSIVE ones. And also deadly without proper medical treatment. I think it would be one hell of a story; but he's the ONLY pharmacist who will be quoted. I need at least three people to do this. Again, there are many other things going on there that other patients aren't privvy to, but equally horrifying (surgeries, lack of qualified medical expertise, child-surgeons 'practicing'...ugh). But I digress. The last ortho who looked at my MRIs last year wanted to operate within three days. When I told him that his plan wasn't exactly a good one (long story, that I won't get in to), and that I was going to FOREGO surgery, he became angry. Okay, he was about 15 years' old. A resident. Some kid, who found my knees fascinating and wanted to go in and take a look, no doubt. WTH? He was extremely irate, trying to tell me that maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't. I asked him who would perform it. He said HE would. ROFLMAO. I'm gonna let some guy under 40 years' old operate on me? NOTTTTT EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Not enough experience, knowledge nor expertise. Plus, when he became 'emotional' about my situation, I KNEW he had a few issues that might require a lil therapy -- that's all I'M saying.

Ech. I just took some phenergan and am going to lie down. It should kick in soon and at least allow me to rest. Stomachhhhh hurrrrts *pout*. Be good to each other :D

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