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Haha hehe haha...*cough*

Word to the wise (or those who really do wish to remain obscure): NEVER 'fire off' an e-mail to CNN's morning show; otherwise, you'll see your QUOTE AND NAME flash across the screen a litttttle too long.

*runs, hides in the corner*

I won't even put any political opinion here on the whys and hows of it all, as it could be considered 'cheating-by-proxy.' I've heard all the angles from "professionals" and don't care to quote...well, anyone. Not even paraphrase them. However...I'll NEVER stay glued to CNN for 24 hours everrrrrrr again. Three states are still up in the air, with Ohio being the center of the drama. I'm thinkin' it'll take some wondrous act to tip the scales in the direction I'd like to see.

And thennnnn, there it was
My e-mail and freakin' NAME flashing across CNN's screen. HUGE. Fortunately, I've never used my real name here, but without thinking, I shot off an e-mail (whilst sleep-deprived) and I'll be damned if they didn't use it. Umm...while I'm happy that my lil message was put up there, not only will it not make a difference THIS election, but could potentially expose me to freaks. Goooody. Who EVER THINKS they'll use your ideas on CNN, formerly known as Er..."the little news station that could". I should've known better.

A little humility would be NICE, Anti-Christ.

Heh. Gah, somebody just SLAP him.

Round one, basketball tryouts
Last night was Kelsey's first round of basketball tryouts. She's a strong player, so I'm not even stressing about all that :-D Her dad and I have always been good athletes, and she's got the best of both our genes. Go Kkkkkkk. :)

I'm way too tired to formulate any entry about any goings on right now so I'm gonna end this entry.


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