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Work-related and rambling (i.e., skip it)

Er...I DO need to beotch at THIS point.

During our two-hour insurance and benefits lecture/meeting, the baseline costs (pre-tax, of course) for medical and dental were outlined to us. For a family (which I'm not covering; just me), it's just a few dollars more than for AN INDIVIDUAL. IF YOU HAVE 758325782395 KIDS, YOU PAY THE SAME.

Is it JUST ME...

*screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams* OMG. Plus, I can't even PAY for Level III dental (which is really mostly what I need right now) until 2006. *screamx2* Instead, I can 'purchase' Level I, which will provide me with two cleanings a freakin' year. HELLLOOOO.

Additionally, if I DID purchase Level III dental, not only would I have to pay 50% of all costs, but we have a freakin' $1,500 per annum ceiling on what the company will MATCH (with our cleverly saved pre-tax dollars, of course). Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. EXCHOOSE ME. But which GENIUS in Human Resources thought that $1,500 would cover JUST A ROOT CANAL, MUCH LESS DENTAL SURGERY, FILLINGS, ETC. ETC. ETC.??? TELL ME. TELLL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Will save ya the hassle
No, wait. Better yet, I'll ASK, since OOPS! There's a REASON why my card won't slide through the thingies. My barcode had a little glitch. AGAIN...WHAT'S WITH THE SECURITY? I mean the super, super, super security?! It's almost...beyond paranoid. Getting into a bank safe is easier than using our restrooms. GAH. You'd think the Queen of England's ass sat on one of those toilets.

Which means...first thing tomorrow morning, after the VERY GRUELLING day today at work, I have to be all purtified to have yet ANOTHER crappy picture I.D. made. *rolls eyes* At least this time, I'll be prepared. Heh. If they DARE try to use one of the two original and o so very unprepared digital photos they took the first day I was there, I've got news for 'em. Day deux of the headache from hella. UNBELIEVABLE. All of this information was...yeah, well it contributed to the ultimate state of mind I'm in right now. Before today, what I was doing was fun, interesting and amusing.

But there is ALWAYS...ALWAYS one "thing from Hell" that we gotta deal with at some point or another. Today was my day.

Cow-orker conspiracy?
So I joked with other co-workers today, and accused them of a conspiracy, letting ME handle the most unfortunate issues whilst they kicked back and enjoyed MY REACTION TO IT. I told them that in some countries (or perhaps planets), this could be construed as child abuse. By the end of the day, one of my coworkers (who is across the hall from me), was literally in tears laughing, as she listened to my 'talking to myself' dialogue, whilst dealing with this SUPERFIED IDIOT WHO KEPT REPEATING THE SAME FREAKIN' THING, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER...AND YEAH. OMG.

The one-on-one bet, still @ 100% and going strong!
Heheh hehe yeah!!! So...the aforementioned woman (who is one of my favorites, so I'll nickname her BellSouth, since she worked there for 75832495728 years) and I had a lil dialogue. Little did she know, I was setting her up to fail. *muahhahah*

Me: Let's make a bet on this one, BellSouth. I BET the adjustor asks this guy AGAIN if he'd like to add anything he might've left out to his statement, and he says yes, despite her asking him THE SAME QUESTION FOR FIVE PAGES? Each time, he's not "added" anything, but is simply repeating stupid sheize, because he's trying to rape money out of the system.

BellSouth: (laughing and in tears) Um...I'll take that bet. (She said this after looking over the file I was going through) How much?

Me: Hrm. I'll betcha $100.

BellSouth: Well, there's not much he can say after all THAT.

Me: *looking through the rest...20 more pages of it, and sure enough...ahahahahaha* YOU LOSE!!!! PAY ME.

BellSouth: *blinking/laughing* Uh, can it wait until payday?

Me: Nah, I won't hold you to it THIS time. But NEXT TIME, don't make a one-on-one bet with moi. I never lose them :-D

BellSouth: OHHHH I believe THAT. *laughs* So can we make a hypothetical bet on my evaluation and raise?

Me: Lemme get back with ya on that one. ;)

HAHAHAHA. Er...I need that extra $100. *sobs* (If you read this far, er, you need a hobby. You had to have been there to TRULY appreciate this one.)

And again this morning, I had to help another co-worker with her computer.



Thankfully, part of our evaluation includes "helpfulness to co-workers." Er, I'd be scoring 100% on that one by now. Just as ALWAYS, I've now QUICKLY become the one-stop, ask-Terri shop. OMG. This happens at every job. EVERYYYYYYY single one. Not just work-related questions, but personal ones, too.

Actively hit
I'm much too tired and head hurts WAY too much to get into any more of today. But I did want to get down, for my record, the guy who hit on me in the most aggressive way a guy has EVER...IN MY LIFE (besides the Coca-Cola marketing rep, who pinned me against the breakroom a couple of years' ago; brutus_007 is probably the only one who remembers that...heh).

I'm coming back from lunch (which is when all freaky things happen), and this VERY attractive guy, with a LOVELY SIX-PACK approaches me. He knew my NAME, for crying out loud, and asked me if I was staying out of trouble. Er...tell me I don't have a rep already. make a very very very long story short, he SERIOUSLY hit on me big time. I mean, my daughter's dad was -- until today -- the most aggressive and persuasive 'hit' I've ever gotten in my life. This guy, though, takes the cake. Since he was about 5'10, I'd make a BIG MONEY BET on why he's so freakin' confident. Heheh. *smirk* Mmmmmmmmmmmmkay. Enough said about all that. Er...what? I'm not STUPID. </cute-guy-hitting-stuff>

Madcox is jealous that I can write on and on and on about crap nobody cares about, and yet I still keep doing it despite my boringness.

That is all.

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