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Pizza Smut: The OTHER dead meat.

OMG. That does it. After years of loyal service to Pizza Hut Smut, I've experienced -- since I've lived here -- nothing but problem after problem, including but not limited to: cheese on top of box; cold (like, so cold the cheese looks funny); TWO HOURS' LATE; forgotten orders; etc. etc.

Tonight, I'd finally had it. Called and was 20 minutes' later, rerouted to some call center. OMG. Livid. So I purged 57285798 years worth of dissatisfaction with them in one conversation.

The result? One free pizza. But "we're sorry, but we won't be able to get there until one hour and 25 minutes, due to other customers."


I need a mental health vacation.

Not that it's really worth a shiite, since I literally have to LOOK to see if someone called, but it's now holed up in my supervisor's locked drawer for the weekend. I confess -- I needed that lil "phone break." I feel this weekend should be spent just RESTING from all that I've taken in/done this week. And the ensuing freakiness in my life (which I won't get in to here). Already called Guy, the cell phone guy, but he hasn't returned the call yet. Gr. I was supposed to have this phone replaced LAST year. And this loverly little company I work for gets huge discounts from several vendors, two of which are Sprint and Verizon. Cingular? You can kees my ace. We also get discounts at Ford Motor, Dell, Gateway, OFFICE DEPOT (YAYAYAYAY), Barnes & Nobles (yayayayax5437827529), and AFG Discounts. doesn't GET much better than that. Now if we can just make a deal with Victoria's Secret and Calvin Klein, life will be set. :-D Yeah. So. There's that. We also get discounts/benefits from other "service-related" companies in town, which I'm reviewing this weekend. Weeeee. I hope Goodyear's included in there somewhere.

Date night
Ya, so, flirty guy tried to 'firm it up' for tonight. 'Nuff said about that.

Today, I had to enlist help from two seperate translators; one Vietnamese, and one Mexican. HOW FUN WAS THAT? NOTTTTTTT. OMG. By the end of it all, I wondered why they had to be involved AT ALL, as most of what they 'translated' made ZERO sense. And I'm a pretty schmart girl, who can hear really well. So there's no excuse for it. Meh. Needless to say, today's been really hectic. I did, however, get a new I.D. badge which works now. Woohoo. Now I can sneak out a side door like all the other employees do. Hahahha. Kidding. I honestly don't know how they get anything done with the amount of mingling going on. When I get to work, I GET TO WORK. And that's that. I found myself, throughout today, COUGHING really loud, SIGHING...and STOPPING altogether, which produced immediate, and silencing, results. YAP ON YOUR OWN TIME. NOT WHILE I'M TRYING TO WORK, MKAY? My supervisor noticed this, and when I explained, she laughed. Clearly, they all think I'm some super secret NATO spy, come to take away their fun and frolic during the week. WERK, PEEPAL. Although they're all very very friendly to me (and I to them), they've GOTTA stop that yapping. It's distracting, and I ain't there to socialize. There's that. But I digress. It was just unusually frustrating today, for some reason. I think they're becoming emboldened because I've "tolerated it" since Monday. ER...NOT AFTER TODAY. Heh.

So while I was rushing out to the ground floor, I stepped out of the elevator and there, in the lobby, was this hugeeeeee display -- wrapped around the length of our lobby as well as the sides -- of books. Er...WTH? After viewing just a couple of titles, I realized it was all "junk food" and sped on my merry way. It's nice to know that when I put out my world-famous book, I have two entrances in a major building in which to display it. Hahaha. *cough* Yeah.

I really REALLY REALLY need to do something about my head. It hurts just as bad as it did earlier this week, and I'm sick about it. I need to see a doctor, but still haven't filled out my benefits paperwork. Too busy. Ugh. Tomorrow, I get my victor alpha stuff (which er, does me no good except in a couple of ways); I plan on exercising the beauty of a trade-out.

King Richard
Told me this week he told his doctor he was hooked on pain medication, and is now detoxing. Um. That didn't surprise me AT ALL. But the *way* his doctor is "handling" this is...unorthodox. I think that doctor needs to have his license taken away, or at the very least be reported. Let's face it -- King Richard spent some serious time LAST YEAR in the DDU Unit at Brookwood (Dual Diagnosis -- one because of his mental condition, the other for addiction and alcoholism). His doctor must be a total idiot. Maybe *I* should call and just let him in on a few secrets about retaining his license, based on what King Richard told me. It's a good thing I still have all the numbers to ALL the doctors he had; that way, they can confer and verify. Yashhhhhhh. His doctor is STILL giving him two highly addictive medications, and this is AFTER he told the doctor he was not only addicted, but was detoxing. He wrote him ANOTHER prescription. Yeah. Time to call that doc, and ask him what is WRONG with him.

Not that it's my business, but hey! You help where you can, right?
So there's that. My neice is trying to message me, but I'm SOOO tired. Staring at a monitor is not my idea of fun and happiness right now. So without my cell phone, and very few having my HOME phone number, I'm gonna get outta here.

P.S. Do NOT call me unless you KNOW I want you to.

It's been THAT ROUGH of a week. And if you do, then I'll realize you're just an insensitive assholio and will never wanna speak to you again. I need a break from sound, light or anything that will encourage undue stress. So. MAKE A NOTE OF IT, IF YOU'VE READ THIS FAR.

You think I'm a narc? SO?

Mkay. I'm mad, I'm tired, my head is SPLITTING and I need rest.

The end.

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