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Yeahhhh buddy...should've gotten this earlier

Le horriblescope:

Dear Terri,
Here is your horoscope
for Monday, November 22:

It's time to learn something you've always been dying to know about -- and if you're smart, you'll really dig deep to learn everything about it. Let your imagination run free. Go for it.

Although all things learned ain't pretty. Such was the end of the second half of today.

Yeahhhh well, my lil optimism was shot down fairly quick this afternoon. Without going into too many details, it ended up FLOODING around here, and I had to make major adjustments under the hood (dressed up, no less) in the freakin' dark. Um...ya know, it doesn't matter how early you come in, nor how late you work overtime. What does matter is that by-God-ya-can't-leave-one-second-before-time on the clock, or else "human resources will get ya." Ummmmmkay. That's not how I understood it, but hokey dokey. Unfortunately, I don't think this is the last I'll have to deal with the time thing. God knows I have the most UNREAL overtime in work history, which thankfully I'm gonna be paid time and a half for. I'd think they'd LURVEEEEE to let me go 10 to 15 minutes' early just to save some MORE overtime cash. Eh? No? Fine. Anyway, I ended up working LATE (our #1 person is yeah), and under the hood of my car, juggling my purse, keys, cup and umbrella whilst making adjustments.


Anyway, when I checked the weather this morning, we weren't supposed to have this torrential downpour. By 3:30, it was pitch black outside. UGH. I've GOT to get my car fixed. And by the way it's looking, I won't BE ABLE TO UNTIL MY FIRST 90 DAYS ARE UP. Which also means that I won't be able to see my DOCTOR until my first 90 days are up. This isn't exactly what human resources told us. Hrm. I don't know what to do. I talked with my immediate supervisor, and she said it was human resources' deal. Sooooo I proposed that I speak with our big boss, but she said she'd get in trouble. HELLLLLP. WHAT DO I DO? other words, I can either get her in trouble, or *I* am just screwed big time in so many ways there aren't words to describe it.

I'm sure this is old hat for, er, most people. I'm just not used to it, since I've been salaried forever. I spoke too soon about loving that non-exempt thing. None of those "extras" matter when it comes to your flexible time needed, even though H.R. did explain to us that often, due to circumstances, this could be worked out within our department.


If that's true, then WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? I don't want to believe that my immediate supervisor is "bad." But...if I am go on what I learned during orientation, then...yeah, well. I couldn't help but feel that she's really NOT working with me. I've actually had one other occasion when I had nothing to do for that day, with 10 minutes left (and gobs of overtime already put in); and I remember her "discouraging" me from leaving at 4:20. Yo no comprende, esse. Maybe I'm going through some girl thing, or misunderstand it...but some kind of resolution has to occur. Otherwise, I'm going to think SOMEONE around there is a tyrant, and that ain't gonna be purty. I want to keep working full steam ahead; and I can totally understand how someone would be discouraged, given similar circumstances. *sigh* Blah.

So it's awful outside, and I'm totally wiped out. Driving home was scary, and I also have a leak (or 573289572) in my top. Another gazillion dollars. BUT OF COURSE I NEED TIME TO HAVE MY CAR FIXED. YEP. OKEY DOKE. WHEN'S THATTTTTTTT? *screams* And money. *screams again* Ugh. It's always gotta be something.

Note to self, #176: If life seems to be running too smooth, panic ANYway, cuz something tragic is right around the corner, waiting to smack you upside yo head.

I've already slipped into my jammies, and want to put this whole freakin' crazy day of translators, misunderstandings, crying translators and mean attorneys behind me. Mehhhh. Rough. Just...rough. I'm sooo scared I'll lose momentum because of today's incident. Very discouraging. Hopefully, it'll all be resolved, or I'll see some "good faith" effort that will convince me otherwise. I'm not wrong on these intuitive things,, ever. Unfortunately. I wish I WAS. That way, I couldn't or wouldn't point a finger, well, anywhere. I trust that finger.

Hopefully, I'll sleep better tonight than I did last night. I had vivid dreams, and had NO time to scribe them when I woke up this morning. Very bizarre, though, and de ja vu-ish from a recent dream involving my brother, a concert, drugs(???) and...something. Gah. Soaking in all that information during the day seriously purges my brain of anything ELSE. That's another thing I've learned. Sayyyyyy bye to those short-term memories.

I felt a little dejected? Sad? When there was no 10-minute compromise made this afternoon. Yeah. That summarizes it. However, it's gotta be journaled, so that I'll remember. I print off all my time cards (daily, no less); so I'm VERY sure about the unreal overtime I'm putting in.

Frustrating. And discouraging. And I've said all that too much for one entry. I suppose the job couldn't have been "dreamy" forever without something happening that I didn't necessarily agree with, eh? That's life. Kinda upsetting, though, when you watch others around you NOT doing anything ON company time, getting away with it AND leaving early, coming in late, etc. GrrrRRR. I'm not hungry.</b>
There's that. I feel kinda sick, so I'm not going to try and eat dinner tonight. Didn't eat today either, now that I think of it. First half of today was extremely non-stop busy (as was the second half). But the first half was fun...UNTIL. THE. DREADED. 10-MINUTE. REQUEST.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enough. I think I need some serious quiet/down time with no distractions (including the internet or freakin' phones). Did get Guy on the phone, who no longer works for Cingular but is working with me on getting that phone. *rolls eyes* About TIME. GAH. No WONDER he didn't respond to those voice mails. Fargin' basteege.

Told ya not to read but O NOES YOU JUST HAD TO.

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