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Got NO sleep (of significance) last night for whatever reason, and now, we've literally run out of projects in our department. Ummmm. See? I can't PACE MYSELF. I suppose I'll just go desk to desk, like Helen Keller round the table, begging for work. Or something.

Yeah, so I still haven't er...told yet. Talked with ex today re: Kelsey, and I'm okay enough now. I think. It still hurts like hellllll o, but I can feign okay-ness well enough to pull it off. It's my car I'm worried about, but er...I'll save that worry for later.

Right NOW, I've still gotta tell the story of the headlight. NOOOESSSSSSSSS. Decided to tell it as it happened, despite how bizarre. (And no, comments aren't wanted, nor are they being solicited on this particular subject.)

I've been flying by the seat of my pants, and REALLY need to hit the grocery store. Uhhh...I'm hungry. Not good, that keeping busy keeps me NOT eating. At work tomorrow, the property management company is laying out a smorgasborg *sic* on everyone's breakroom on each floor. O GOODY. And our department is also having a covered-dish luncheon ON TOP of the company's "formal get-together that we're required to attend."


PLUS, we had to 'vote' on whether or not to exchange gifts. THIS IS WHY I HATE HOLIDAYS. I'M SOOO NOT GONNA BUY A GIFT FOR SOMEONE I DON'T KNOW, OR LIKE. Especially NOW. Fortunately, that was the majority vote in our group.

Oh OH. Employees who've been there for at least a year, get at LEAST a $750 Christmas bonus. *screaaaaaaaams* Um. GRRR. Even our part-time chick got a check today. Man. How depressing. I missed that lil boat. I mean, the BOTTOM amount was $750. Those who make MORE per week, GOT more. Er...I WANT SOME. Anyway, we're still getting a present from our group; and the "suggested one" is *tadaaa*...a backpack! Hahahaha (for anyone who knows the story of my blue backpack, you should find this one funnay). This one is black, with a thingy for a sports bottle, etc. Yeah. So merry Christmas, NON-YEAR-WORKING-EMPLOYEES.

I shouldn't complain. At least we're getting something, non? So...back to the office to stare and stare, I need to find something to do. I'll go crazy without busting arse. Lovelllyyyyyyy. IS TODAY OVER YET??

I warned you but oh nooooooo.
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