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Keeseeng thing snagged from spatulistic

I have kissed someone:

on the cheek.

on the lips.

on their hands or fingers. (Palms and inner wrists are especially sessay kissing spots!)

in my room.

in their room. (umm...don't we all own our own places now?!)

of the same sex.

of the opposite sex.

younger than me. (er...most ARE...heh)

older than me. (When I was younger...only one since I turned 25)

with jet black hair. (Only one, surprisingly)

with curly hair.

with blonde hair & blue eyes.

with flaming red hair. (TOTALLY incompatible with red-headed guys)

with straight hair. (Lurve the soft, straight hair!)

smaller/shorter than me. (Extremely taller [6'11] and kinda shorter [5'4"]. I prefer someone who's about my height [5'8"ish])

bigger/taller than me. (Heh...bigger, all...taller? ONLY a few)

with a lip ring. (ugh...)

who was drunk. (This won't happen again. Ever.)

who was high. (Another that won't happen again. Ever.)

who I had just met. (!?!)

who was homosexual. (Yash...a few, actually :D)

who I didn't really want to kiss. (Yes, which is STUPID)

on a holiday. (ALL until this past year)

who was going out with someone else. (I don't DO that stupid sheize. No cheating!)

who was going out with someone close to me. (Not unless *she/they* ask me to and *I*, let's not go thur. ;-) )

who was my good friend's brother or sister. (Heh...let's not go thur.)

who had been/is in jail. (AHAHAHA. Yup...although I've not kissed anyone while THEY WERE IN jail...heh.)

in a graveyard. (Er...*runs*)

at a show/concert. (MOST of 'em *preens*)

at the beach. (ohhhhhhh yeah.)

in a pool, jacuzzi, or some type of water. (Mmmmm yes :))

who was legally too young/old for me to have sex with. (Er...I cannot confirm nor deny...but THIS is about JUST kissing, gah!)

with dyed hair. ("Biff Malibu". A/K/A = laughing man. Don't ask.)

with a shaved head. (Of course.)

who was/is my good friend. (Er...yesssssss).

who was/is in a band. (SOOO not going thur, and have YOU GUYS laugh at me...OH NOEEEEES.)

who has tattoos. (Yup.)

who is of a completely different race than me. (I lived in Europe. THINK ABOUT IT. One word: Espana :D)

in the rain. (My absolutely FAVORITE.)

in another continent besides where I was born. (Ohh yeah.)

with an accent. (PLENTY.)

with an std. (Not that I was aware of...eww.)

on a boat. (Indeed. AND houseboats ;-))

in a car/taxi/bus. (Oh yeah :))

on a plane. (Let's not go there, shall we?)

at the circus/carnival. (Another road best not traveled.)

with a missing body part. (Notttt *cough*)

in the movies. (AND HOW!)

eskimo style. (Yup!! Noses are muy importante to me!)

Ummmmm...I think there was only ONE not bolded. That's kinda scary. And I could've even added to the list. Heh.

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