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Dear Terri,
Here is your horoscope
for Thursday, December 30:

Mistake and failure aren't in your vocabulary. Everything has its benefits. All consequences are intended. On any other day, these would sound like excuses, but right now they define a special strategy.

Heh. This would be correct, although what my special strategy is, I'm not really sure.

Today is dragging by, like mosquito legs trapped in newly-geled mud. Ughhhhh. I am, however, doing the urgent cases, so they're slightly more interesting (or phareaky, depending on how ya look at it), than the others. boy met me in the parking lot (made a point of it; I heard him lying-in-wait until he heard me leave), and apologized for me having to call the police. Allegedly, this chick was dumped by his roommate (WHAT DID I SAY?), and when she went to hit him, she fell on her arse. I asked him if this was the same drunk-ace whose butt I was gonna kick from here to Alaska, and he said yep. In fact, they offered me cash to do it. Hahaha. YAY! Feed my anger! Or something. Anyway, I asked him how she got in in the first place, yeah, job is REALLY starting to effect, er, everything I say and do. I think more in terms of specificities, and how they fit together/make sense/or not. Crazy.

My throat is KILLING me and I'm running a fever :/ Kelsey's dad is out of town, sooo...I'm praying she doesn't get it :I

Came home for lunch, and Kelsey was still in bed.



Going out to deenar tonight. Not looking forward to that at all. What else? Zzzzz. My life is soOOoo boring. Ah, I'm still leaking anti-freeze. I must be on some self-destructive streak, because I'm not actively looking for solutions, but more idly checking it out, seeing the little green pools form wherever I park.

Yeah buddy. I'm a schmart one. Afear me.

That is all. :-D

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