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Since I'm NOT gonna have time until uhhh late

...I'll try to update now.

Summoning old friends
Yeah, so I woke up right at a point in a dream. A couple of hours' later, BOOM. It's like I magically made him appear. I talked with SCB for a good couple of hours (and we both hate the phone). What's odd is that none of my friends have asked why I never talk about him anymore. Hrmmmm. Anyway, I miss him and since he and I share the same hermitish lifestyle (and let's not forget we were also roommates for awhile), we're gonna get together in the next couple of months. I'm looking forward to that :-D Kelsey lurvesss him, so alles glas. I'm glad I made the "Christmas" phone calls to those in my life who've been there for a long time. :-D Yay.

Drive-by shopping
Kelsey and I went on a junk-buying spree for tonight, since Andrea will be here in...YIKES, A COUPLE OF HOURS. Eeeeeeeep. I've decided to completely sequester myself on THIS side of the condo. Heh. They can just have at the rest of the house. No doubt, I'll be kicked offline (ohhhh I already know this for shore). So it looks like I'll be snuggled and in bed by 8-ish ;-) Yay! Hahahaha. I'm such a drag...or something.

2005 is my year. STEP.

There's that. IT'S GOTTA BE.

I did get black-eyed peas for luck as I do every year, and already have them simmering. It'll take all day to get them just right and even then I'll have to BEG KELSEY AND ANDREA to have a spoonful. *rolls eyes* Which is just FINE. I lurves some black-eyed peas. :-D

My intentions were good to clean up the rest of the house but all THOSE notions were flushed with first, the lengthy phone call, second, Kelsey sleeping in LATE, and third, our trip to the store (oh, and cleaning out the keechan). Now I just wanna pass out. Heh. I only have one resolution for the new year, and if you really read you knows what it is. IT SHALL BE DONE. And that's just that. ;-)

They say what you're doing at midnight on new year's is what you're destined to do all year. Ummmm...if that's the case, maybe *I* should have a slumber party...I never could say no to a good head rub ;-)

Yeah, yeah, I'm boring myself at this point and think I'm gonna stop. Not many are updating, and the ones who have are REALLY DOING IT BIG TIME. So I'm the middle man today. Nothing to say, and lots. Some best saved for a private entry. But right now, I've at least gotta make a hole for Andrea's dad to walk through. Hahaha. *cough*

Move out.

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