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The day straight from...hell O

UNREAL. I only thought yesterday was frenetic. I'm down to one strand of hair that I haven't pulled out, but coming close to snagging it, also. ARGH. Just NOW got a chance to take a break. My eyes are BURNING...ARGH! Gotta regulate that sleep time, cuz this ain't rite.

Flyin' by the seat of my pants

Ja. That. I've been SO focused that all my 3 brain cells have finally bailed on me (clearly, since this makes little to no sense). My GLASSES are gone (arghhh!), and looking at this friggin' monitor is killin' moi.

Lunch OUT...say it ain't so!

TB is coming by to save me and take me to lunch. Wooo. I might start doing this lunch thing after all. Not a *bad* idea; I just never have (or make) time to do it. Er...I'm sure I'll pass slap out after eating, so you lucky guys/gals won't hafta hear me rant for at least five hours or so...


Co-worker just looked up the stairs into my office, making tongue gesticulations at moi. So...I propped my feet up on the desk and said: "OK TOUGH GUY; COME GIT ITTTTTTTTTT" Hahahahaha. UM. He proceeded up the stairs and I dunno which one of us chickened out first. We joked around for a second, and then he said: "well, I can't LOSE it cuz you won't let me HAVE it." Haaaaaaaa. THAT'S RIGHT. THERE'S THATTTTT. AIRYONE, PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD; DROP YOUR WEAPONS!</lj>

'Nuff. I'm tard.


Eye see, Open your eyes
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