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I'mmmm too goofy for the dance way I'm disco dancin'

Kelsey and Andrea Kelsey and Andrea

Eh heh. Both of the girls trying to keep a straight face on New Year's Eve. :-D Aren't they chuteeeeee? :)

Weee. I needed art.

The rest of the day, in briefish review
Mkay. So the guy I've been subbed out to work for has become increasingly unattractive, the more I've gotten to know him. I really do hate when that happens. It's true -- personality can change the way you look at or perceive other people. They can actually transform from gorgeous to ugly, and vice versus, all hinging on their personalities/lack thereof. This is a true fact. Which means I'M TEH BEAUTIMOUS. AAAAAAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, he's a stereotypical jock, who you can tell breezed through college on a scholarship, then landed a sweet executive job cuz he's got a cute face, nice bod, and a schlong. Yeahhh, that's right; I said it. Really, after watching him in action, I wonder what he really does all day. O_o Anyway...I was telling Charlotte this today, and of course she laughed so hard tears were rolling down her cheeks, since I did my football player hunchback impersonation. :-D WEEEE. I'M SUCH A JOY TO WORK WITH.

The task
I worked like an insane person this afternoon. Now that I really get the software program (which is SO OBSCURE, no one on this planet even knows about it, much less uses it), I've been groovin' along on the book rewrite. It shall be done in record time, and will be perfect, despite used-to-be-good-lookin'-guy's attempts at controlling it to the point of "letting things slide" and making all of us look stupid.


It's my responsibility to make it perfect and that's that. After discussing this with *my* big boss (and thankkkingg her for giving me that...hahaha) she agreed with me. And more, told me to make those executive decisions myself. Hehehe. Yash. Fortunately, there is a global search and replace on this crappy weirded out program I'm using, so that helps, also. So after tomorrow (which is the dreadline) that's THAT. It'll be done, and done well. :-D Although it's a casual day for us, I'm not thinking it would be too smart for me to meet with er, executive management (which is over *my* boss's head) in jeans. *blink* Eh. Well, MAYBE. They were all talking about it today in my group, and I told them the reason I took *that* job was to avoid THESE kinds of things. Ehhh. Anyway...I'm trying real hard NOT to attract undue attention from, well, anyone. After this lil project's over, I'm going to lay so low a worm won't be able to slip under me.

Huntsvegas bound?
Mkay, so Kelsey has a track meet in -- of ALLLL the dreaded cities -- one frighteningly close to Huntsvegas. Now, I luff my leetle baby. But *her* participation in all this will last approximately 7-10 minutes.

*blink*'s the deal:
  • She'll be on a bus. It's a team thing.
  • I'll have to follow behind (with the other parents AND her dad and stepmom somewhere on the road).
  • I'll be driving an hour and a half for a five-minute exhibition.
  • She'll ride BACK on the bus, giving me another drive home solomente uno.

    What's the point again?!

    I'm just sayin'. They have to get up and be at school by 6 a.m. Saturday morning. Errrrrrrrr...and after this freakin' crazy, stressed out week, I'm not hip to the idea AT ALL. I could relinquish Kelsey responsibility to her dad (who volunteered, since I'm vehicularly challenged), and stay in Huntsvegas. But we all know how I don't wanna do that. Yeah. There's that. Anyway, I've been to all her other events throughout the years, and I don't want her growing up saying "my mom missed THAT ONE TIME THAT REALLY COUNTED" ever ever everrrrrrrrr. Just watch her like, come in first place, or win some super special prize for her five-minute race and ME NOT BE THERE. Years' later -- while she's in therapy talking about her selfish mom who DIDN'T SHOW UP THAT ONE TIME -- I'll be kickin' my own arse. Or assigning blame to her dad. Heh. Something like that. Blahhh. I DON'T WANNA DRIVE/GO THAT FAR. I don't trust either vehicle to make it. So I'm not only dreading the LENGTH of the drive, but potential danger, as well. *screams*

    Yeah, that about sums it all up
    I need to SHUT. UP. I still have a serious headache, despite my best efforts to get rid of it, but feel that without some knock-you-out medication, I'm going to have to deal with this one more day :( Noesssss :( :( Anyway, the "task of the day" WILL be put off today, since I've successfully completed one each day this week until now. And surely, I can come up with THREE good things about today.

    So I'll leave whomever was clazy enough to read all that with my Three Good Things list:

  • I learned a new software program up to expert level. *preens*
  • Got some "great pictures" from someone who shall remain er unnamed. Greaaaaaaaaaat for the ole endorphins ;-) :X
  • Already made the bed up this morning, so it is calling my name. REALLY loud.

    I need a deep-tissue shoulder rub.

    C'mon. Somebody give it up for a sistah.
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