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Ack! NEVER go to the E.R.


Yeah buddy. I should've stayed in bed yesterday, but got a lil bit panicky when I talked to a friend about getting hit in the head. I know I'm hard-headed. I mean, if a car going 65 mph won't kill me, then I KNOW a lil spool of tracerwire won't. Gawd. I waited...and I waited (continue this for about four hours) in a dark room, and THEN I waited...and the C.A.T. scan room with (yep, you got it) ANOTHER 12 year old. They didn't find anything 'new' going on in my head (wooo...all my chit is old as Methusala), so they gave me 'options' to treat it.

Options are usually good, as you're all aware. MINE were not. I'm gonna start calling myself Murphy, cuz that's who I am. My *options* were to get a shot that would knock me on my ass (but I had to have a IS my driver, I can't think to fill out the paperwork), or take some pills home with me (er...I don't want to do that, either, because it gives the nurse a chance to steal them...I don't THINK so). We chronic pain patients are acutely aware of how scrooged the system is. I, for one, won't feed into it. I knew the shot wouldn't affect me (since I listed my allergies); so I told them gimme the shot and um...yeah, okay whatever.

I drove home. LOL. The shot did NOTHING (no joke) but keep me awake all night. I KNOW there was Phernergan in it...but I think that's about it. Not ONLY did I drive myself home, but stopped, got gas, got gum, and ALMOST went through a drive-through and THEN stayed awake until 11 (and P.S. to those who tried to call -- I had no cell service in the hospital; so if you called while I was there, I didn't git it).

Came home, took sleeping meds, hoping it would beat off the shot. WRONG. So...another sleepless, movie-filled night (in misery no less). I AM THE QUEEN! ALL HAIL! LONG LIVE THE...ER...what did I say I was?!

And for those of you who keep UP with my journal, on TOP of ALL THIS CRAP, this a.m. my body decided to do its girl thing. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Ain't nuthin' rite about it.

*Crawling back into bed...say nite nite*

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