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Hear me roar...heh.

You scored as Joan of Arc. I am Joan of Arc. I have a strong faith in God. I am not afraid to challenge conventions or to put myself in a dangerous position to protect my country. I fight for what I believe in. Some people have called me crazy.


Joan of Arc


Xena, Warrior Princess






Elizabeth I


Which Female Heroine Are You?
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Heh. I think I was dangerously close to being Xena. Yikes.

GrRRrr. Just say no to the Rabbit Hole
I don't feel creative enough to make up some incredible sheize today. So forget this year's participation. Seems like I'm havin' a few "issues", LJ.

Friends, both real life and online
More than half of my friend's list here is comprised of real-life friends. While 99% of them remain, well, friends, there's that nagging 1% that really, truly begs the question of why I keep them around. It's starting to bother me on levels I hadn't expected, partially because of...hrm, some falsifications/misleading entries, and partially due to their behavior. I lost a five-year friend when I introduced her to LJ (she thought this was a platform on which to compete -- I wouldn't go there). I have a feeling it's about to be yet another deal-breaker in a couple of lil situations. While I like it that many on my list (and on the friend's of) are able to communicate/keep up with what's going on through this median, I've learned that serious activity -- when taken by someone who's already "challenged" in one way or another -- tends to adversely affect my existing relationship in real life with them.

Hrm. This should probably be cross-posted to blog sociology. NOT. Ja...I have a real hard time reading a bunch of flat-out lies from people I know, and why? Because they're trying so hard to be more than they are. Of course right now, my sympathy for the aforementioned outweighs my...hrm, anger? Or whatever it is I feel about them, so I won't immediately 86. But it's beginning to infringe on other friends, too. I do, however, have great faith that said friends (who are very intelligent) will learn, perhaps on their own, that what they're seein' ain't exactly what they're gettin'. After being a member of blog sociology, I've learned that not everyone uses these as journals or diaries, but rather as fairytale-land. I have a big ole problem with that when the journal-owner doesn't SAY that, however. Therein lies the problemo.

The thing is...these people know me in real life, and KNOW that I'm ever so capable of calling B.S. fairly loud and clear if I'm in the mind to do so. I'm resisting the urge...for now. But if it gets worse (as it did with my ex-friend who's still on LJ), ja. Somebody's gotta do it, in all fairness. It's not like the entries begin with "Once upon a time...", or "It was a dark and stormy night..."...these things are being penned, and almost non-chalantley thrown-in for "effect" in order to groove up their overwise very dull and ordinary lives.

The horror.

C'mon. MY life is dull and ordinary, yet I'M not trying to groove it up on a daily basis by throwing "bait" out to the masses. LOL. Er, on one hand, it's kinda laughable. For many reasons. And I'm way too tired to continue with this line of thought, when I have real things that need attention.

Leetle one
K's having dinner with her dad, and on her way here. At this point, I'm just hoping I'll stay awake long enough to SEE her. Hahahaaha. Gahhh, I'm still exhausted from that one night that I didn't sleep at all. Plus, a resurgence of The Book occurred today, in a big ole way. Back to the drawing board. Of course, what did I say? "This needs to change," and yet...mkay, yeah. Enough of all that. So my "fun" job is being put to the side again for a difficult one.

And my hands are freezing. Can't decide whether to call in take-out, or just not eat tonight, since Kelsey's taken care of. Hrmmm...anyway, nothing is getting done with my being in here, yo. So I'm off like a cheap Italian wool suit. (Hehehehe...that one was just for j00, Beeeg Jeeeeem...:D)

Yes, I'm screening ALL comments on this one. Do us both a favor and don't ASK if you think it's you, mkaythnx.

Actually, some Greastals don't sound HALF bad, if I just wanted to get out in this freezing weather.

I don't think so.

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