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And when his wings enfold you yield to him...


Still SOO very sick, but am *slightly* better. ;-)

I'm light headed, and work is difficult today. Ughhhh-ah.

The flowers still live, by the way. :) I've been trimming the roots religiously. The jokes are still being made, but I've come up with some cooleous comebacks (the death one is still my favorite...and just like the wilting flowers, so goes my affection...heh).

This will be obscure to just about everyone who reads it.

I feel like a girl. OH NOESSSSSS!!!!111ELEVENONE1!

Is it safe to come out yet, in a skirt, hair flowing softly? Should I tuck the strands behind my ears sternly, and slip into pants? Feeling like a girl has some pitfalls. :/ I'm skeering me right now.

Should I tread lightly, and carry a big stick? A baseball bat? A fruit bat?

Er, I've been inadvertantly dealing with fruits since last night. Heh.

The post office left me an "unlocked box" note, and has been hanging onto my mail. The postmaster told me she'd personally deliver my mail later today. SHE'D BETTER. I NEED ONE OF THOSE BIG TIME. :/ :I

I'm not saying any more about...girl stuff.

Mkay. Nothing serious to impart other than I'm still very sick, feeling slightly better, and need to go back to work.

Get busy!


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