Creeping Through The Cellar Door (none_too_subtle) wrote,
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(Friends who fall in the 20-something range, disregard)

Dear early 20-something-year-old dolt:

While I'm sooooOOoo flattered you want in my world, what is it about my curt, short, simplified, evil responses that you don't understand? It's clear you spent a great deal of time trying to hatch up the "why I should like yous". And I'm sorry I don't. In fact, yer kinda ugly, and I'm superficial like that. None of this includes your very "limited edition" 22-year-old personality.

You SOUND like a 22-year-old. So bugger off. Go sit with your six-pack of Coors, sulk in the corner (because I will not talk here, nor there, nor anywhere), and kindly leaveth my life.

Or, simply, for the love of GOD and son Jesus, go away.

Lovingly yours --
Terri, another myspace user

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