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*heavy sigh*

I'm not cross-posting to the_good_doc, but today's been...a vacuous, empty, less-fulfilling place to be, knowing that I'll never read anything new by HST again. I find it strangely apropos that he chose to upstage President's Day (as he always was a political antagonist), and in some sick way, applaud him. I guess if you gotta go by your own hand (and no one really knows the whys, so don't even go there in comments with me, mkaythnx), might as well upstage the evil forces that be.

Then, I read about the mysterious death of a 19 year old who's close to a friend. These things typically happen in threes. I don't want that proverbial ax to fell again, not today, not when I've had it up to here with...this empty feeling of loss, humility, and the knowledge that *I* will never be what Hunter Thompson was, not even in my best journalism years. The world is less significant without him in it. I think, for this week, I'm going to have to leave the community so it's not continually hammered home every time I open my friend's page. :( Depressing. Just like Hemingway. Depressing.

With genius and great talent there comes a price, and it's typically some mental disorder and/or self-medicating. I hate that for him. I hate that for us.

Blah. I feel kinda sick.

The only good or decent thing that's happened today was a "special entry" just for me (warm hugs, they know who) and the fact that I've been the only one in my group present today. Amazing how much more work I can accomplish with no one here.

Bah. Back to the grind.


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Here is Belladonna, the Lady of the Rocks,
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