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Your participation is helpful and wanted.

This isn't a joke. This is serious curiousity, so please refrain from doing your usual fun thing of answering sarcastically. I just wonder how many people (if any) think *this* is ever an option...

Poll #465155 Respect and disrespect, friendship and...idiocy

What would you consider THE most disrespectful thing that could be said to you?

Please listen to me.
I have something to say...are you busy?

You smell a rat. But you're tired, and don't want to deal with it (nor really CARE). So...

Really need to go to bed, and expect friends to understand, and say "bye."
Hang around to placate someone ELSE; they NEED to explain why they're being sneaky.
You've been told to shut up. So NOW, you're too angry to sleep. You create a poll.
You disappear. Temporarily.
You disappear. Forever.

If you're someone's friend, and have let them know you think they're a friend:

...they will respect your desires, as you do theirs.
...all options will be weighed, due to importance and timing.
...realize they're tired, but YOU have something to say, so you tell them to SHUT UP AND LISTEN.
1(4.8%) were we talking about again?
A combination of a couple of these.

In *your* world, who says "shut up" and means it (if *anyone*)?

My kids. But not to my face.
My kids are smarter than that. No one says that.
A dominating, control-freakin' who probably suffers from "little-man-syndrome".
Someone incapable of controlling themselves, who need to act out regularly.
Friendless people. But nobody listens nor cares. Sad, really.

Honestly; what's the *worst* thing that someone could say to you, and make you feel you're being disrespected?

Is "shut up" ever a REAL option to say to someone, even in jest?

Never. Unless they still speak in clicks and grunts and know no better.
When *I* was a kid, if you said "shut up" you were in BIG TROUBLE.
No one is that stupid. Please tell me this is a joke.
I say "shut up" but I'm kidding. Um...maybe I should rethink that behavior.
I say shut up and mean it. I respect NO ONE, particularly myself.

Mkay. It's been a loooong, rough day. Thought I got all my journaling out of my system, am prepared for tomorrow...and of *all* the FREAKIN' CONTROLLING/STUPID, MAN-SUPERIOR things to say was uttered to me. Something I haven't heard since freakin' grade school (or no, wait -- the WARDEN; EVEN WORSE).

Shut up.

HOLY SHIT. NO ONE. IN THIS WORLD. HAS THE RIGHT TO EVER. EVER. FREAKIN' EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR tell me to shut up, particularly when I'm TRYING to get things done and go to bed.

Man. Talk about killing absolutely any respect I might've had for that person. Boom. Just like that. I thought only kids (or total psychos) were STUPID enough to say "shut up," and worse -- really mean it. LOL. No, wait. I take that back. I know 11-year-olds who're more mature.

Unreal. I'm seriously sitting here, not BELIEVING someone had the tenacity to say something so...ridiculously disrespectful and for totally selfish and also deceptive reasons in the first place.

1. I wanted to go to bed. I NEED sleep. Bad. Those of you who know me, definitely understand (or so I hope/think).
2. I expressed this.
3. While expressing this, was told to SHUT UP AND LISTEN.
4. This is my ass. This is my ass walking OUT THE DOOR.

Friends? It would take some SERIOUS ass-kissing and begging forgiveness for me to get over this one.

Girls and guys? A word to the wise. Never EVER tell anyone to "shut up." It makes you wonder what kind of grown up/friend/PARENT (sadly) would say that, or if they even QUALIFY. See? This is the very definition of "divorce." I can't think of *any* girl here, or elsewhere who'd deal with that, not even during 'bedroom sports.'

I'm really open-minded, respectful, sometimes overly-eager to communicate (but in a positive way), never judgmental. Sure, I get cranky, particularly when I feel bad (physically) and have had a rough day. But I don't take it OUT on anyone. In fact, I'll go in to hiding if I know I am too tired/in pain/sleepy to communicate. One fact remains: I *will* be respected above and beyond ALL things in *my* world. There is not one human on this PLANET who has the right, or ever WILL, to say that to me.

Even if it was "joking" it wouldn't have been funny. And what precipitated it? A hidden agenda (which I REALLY don't give a rat's patootie about; this is what my lil friend didn't "get"...lolol...SO? I CARE YOU'RE BEING SNEAKY BECAUSE??). I think...not.

People. Can't help but lose faith in them when they show how big of a jackass they really are. I love my friends; but not ONE of them has EVER told me to "shut up" nor would they.

And you can bet your last dollar that will never be said to me again, and gotten away with. Ohhhhhhh no. Not ever. Right now, I'm trying real hard to contain a very childish anger in response to such idiocy.

Okay. Glad I got all that out of my system. I feel better now. :-D

Define "friend."

Be it. Or get out of my life. Very simple, even for the village idiot.

Your participation is greatly appreciated, as always. :)
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