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Oh yeah, it's gonna be an easy day....WHAAAAAAAAAT


Dear Terri,
Here is your horoscope
for Wednesday, January 15:

Action brings understanding. Animation leads to enlightenment. If any transformation is happening, you're probably behind it, if not right in the middle. You can't sit still when there's a whole world to remake.

Yeah. That makes sense *scratching head.*

HAHAHAHAHA. I'm SO confused or something. I think my body's still trying to catch up on lost (misplaced? misguided?) sleep, or perhaps the knot thingy on my noggin' is tricking me into thinking TODAY would be easy. WHATEVER.

I got here and BOOM. Already am exhausted. One meeting after another, and NO TIME, NO TIME! <---name that movie :) PLUS, I lost my WATCH. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKS! I NEVERRRRRRRRRR do anyting without my watch, and feel or something.


First thing, of course. Muy crises. Am worried about a coworker (won't even use his nick). Need to cheer him up, and am thinking about having something cute delivered anonymously to him. :D Hopefully, he doesn't read this journal. LOL. :)

Havin' lunch with K. I'm still slightly dizzy (and if you joke about this, I'll have to kick your arse). Driving doesn't make me NEARLY as nervous as WALKING does. I can see it now -- I'll be waltzing into the school cafeteria, looking all groovy in my JNY suit with my uber cool Wall Street silk shirt (yeahhh, baby, I'm lookin' like a yernalist), slick, stylish Italiano shoes, and BOOM...hit a milk spill and go down like the Titanic. YIKES! I dunno about yous guys, but if you have cheejren, and have been to a school cafeteria, not only do you realize the floors are slick and dangerous as IS, but doubly so after the kiddies start spillin' their chit. YIKES. I'm SCARED. HOLD ME! Hahahah.


Got a GREAT night's sleep. Don't even remember fallllllllling. Just remember waking up, feeling slightly refreshed, and bouncing out da doe. Hm...I'm rambling (or procrastinating...heh).

And to WHOMEVER thought that sheize was funny...

I dunno WHO left the little thingy on my front door, but it was NOT funny (although the deliverer thought it was). No, it wasn't anything profane or even 'bad.' But the *thought* of someone showing up at my place in the middle of the night and leaving something at my door makes me VERY VERY MAD/CRAZY. So don't confess; otherwise, I'll be forced to take action.

Okay...I hear loud, older-man voices screaming in the next room, so I'm gonna jet before the cheet hits the fan (or break up the fight). LOL.


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