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When all else fails, let's take a quiz, shall we?

Shamefully ganked from hollie_is_right:
You scored as Cultural Creative. Cultural Creatives are probably the newest group to enter this realm. You are a modern thinker who tends to shy away from organized religion but still feels as if there is something greater than ourselves. You are very spiritual, even if you are not religious. Life has a meaning outside of the rational.


Cultural Creative
















What is Your World View?
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Today's just been hell. No other way to describe it, and no sense in journaling it, either. Had *most* of my tests completed. They wouldn't do the nuclear after the EKG results, which was fine. by. me. The very last thing I wanted to hear from my doctor-thing was: "Oh don't worry; there will be a full staff to bring you back if something happens during the nuclear stress test." HEY THANKS. I'LL PASS. Fortunately, they passed for me. My stats weren't pretty, so they've deferred any more severe testing. Honest to God, I couldn't take another minute, another test, another question, or another hand twisting and yanking my body around.

As a lovely side effect of all this groping and testing, I'm feeling unusually low. Like seriously low. I really don't get this depressed, not like I am today. It scares me, and I don't know who to thank at this point; the doctors, my life, my "peripherals" or myself. Maybe all of it.

Just one good thing. I don't ask for much.

Yeah. I need something good to happen today, and today is almost over. On a semi-related and ironic note, I received an influx of mail (and one answering machine message) from...not exes, but guys I've dated. Weird. Isn't it always like that? They rush you like some sorority or it's a total famine. Anyway, I'm flat-lining as far as that lineup goes. Don't really know what to say, if anything to anyone.

No rest for the weary
Upon arriving home and driving through that heinous, downtown traffic, I was so keyed up I was bouncing off the walls. I don't feel that sleep or rest is in my near future. I really REALLY wanted tonight to be a nice, long, comfortable sleep-in night, full, headrubs, backrubs and whateverness. Yeahhhhhhh okay. I keep forgetting it's also Friday, the 13th. Not that I'm superstitious, but if I'm going to blame this physical/emotional spiraling on something, that's as good as any.

I need to do something, go somewhere.

I need to feel well enough TO do/go.

Or maybe I'll get all the doing and whatever to come to me. Right. I never feel alone or lonely; but right now yeah. Not good. No man is an island. And I've been so happy on mine, right up until today.

Enough of this. I can kiss all that semi-happiness/good-moodness goodbye which I enjoyed earlier. It already feels like it's going to be a long, unhappy, lonely, depressing weekend and time to end this little entry right here.

Kind of a bummer, too, that the new style simply doesn't work. No navigational features, and too many gliches to be happy with it right now.

I'm pink-slipping my life, ricky tic.

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