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I'm thinking those storm predictions are accurate

Woke up REALLY early this a.m. and the sky was gray. Still is. Looks slightly ominous out there, and I'm assuming we're about to get it. While part of me wants to LOVE the fact we're about to get hit hard, part of me still has to drive in this crap. Yeah. So I'm kinda keeping a lid on my secret storm joy for now.

We'll not mince words
Nor will we say them in an open entry. Last night will be for me :-D That's that. I really should give great consideration to counting to 10 before clicking on enter up in here. Next thing ya know, I'll be drawing roadmaps, and identifying locations. Not smart. That's what my hard-copy journal/notebook is for, as it was employed yesterday. *smirks* Enough said.

Ughhhhhhhh SAVE ME
Despite any incoming storms, my persnickety car or my general not feeling well-ness, I *have* go to to the store and soon. GAWD I dread it. But I'll starve to death if I don't. Greaaaaaaaaaat. I can't wait. I've put it off long enough. Payday, as expected, went straight and only to rent. *sigh* I HATE having to pay twice as much to live in a condo as my monthly mortgage for a larger house in a nice neighborhood. Life is cruel. Or maybe just my ex is. Whatever the case, right now I can thank alllll of this on that. THERE IS NO JUSTICE. Things happen and that's that.

I slept last night :) That's a good thing. Didn't think I'd be able to again, but clearly after spending two nights NOT sleeping prior, it caught up with me. I was having the most bizarre dream -- again about TWO CATS???? -- only this time, I was feeding them. I think I dreamt this because Scooby's back. *rolls eyes* There goes my furniture. Now I have two vacuum cleaners I *have* to repair, if Scooby's gonna continue squatting and free-grazing. Heh. But still, the cats in my dream were like the other cats (and then after, that freak cat that was born), looked like them, acted like them...was creepy. I'm going to dig deeper in my dream books and see what I come up with.

I don't feel at all well, and am not going to journal it. I'm sooo sick of writing/reading about "not feeling good". I'm sick of not feeling good, too. And doctors, hospitals, technicians, etc. etc. etc. Sick of the whole process of my body and what they have to do to make it work. Enough said about all that.

And for those who have a problemo with the with it. :) At least until that style I want is MS-friendly. ;p

Warned ya, but oh no.

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