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But I...I...


The LAST entry I made in le journal last night was commented on by three people (two of whom had the right to comment; one via IM and clueless as the day is long). OMG. Men kill me. You start free-forming and you fall asleep at your monitor...wake up, and EEKS. Three guys all start explaining 'why' and 'how' to justify the "maybe I should rethink my situation" comment! LOLOLOL. Maybe all THREE of 'em should rethink THEIR situations in my life; only one of them (obviously) was being referred to. Hahhahaha. In retrospect, I'll let all three of them think *he* was the reason *smirk*. The fun, the fun!! :) Similarly I responded to two of them. Heh. I slay me.


See the time (look at your computer clock). Er...am I alone with K? NO. Does it look like I will be in the next few hours or so? UM NO. Right now, they're hiding in the bathroom with a candle. Should I stop them? LOL. I KNOW what they're trying to do, because ALL girlscouts try this one at some point (lifting horizontal gf up with two fingers). LOL. I'm sure someone's gonna bust their noggin'... :) Live and learn.

This morning they want ME. I am not a kid; thus, I shouldn't be invited into that little circle of private girl stuff. I do remember when I was that age, and eww! The thought of MY MOM hanging out with us would've been NO FUN. Plus, just cuz K's friends want me to hang out doesn't mean K wants me to (I saw that look she gave me! It clearly said "BYES!"). She's at a perfect age right now (which occurred to me last night). Not old enough to know everything, but just beginning the real discovery process of life. This point is crucial in anyone's journey (at her age). I'm very aware of this, and know what lines to cross, and what lines to stay behind. This is the age of mystery, girl secrets, boy interest, sharing makeup even though you're not old enough to wear it, painting each other's nails, telling friends your deep dark thoughts (and actually trusting them), cry, laugh...K's going through all of this right now, and I feel her growing up and away. *Whine* I've made it a point that she NOT grow up to be a girlie girl, or at least showed her a template of how life could be if she wasn't petty/jealous/etc. like stereotypical girls. But I don't think girls are quite so competitive as they were when *I* was a kid. It's obvious that K gets it; she's very popular in school, and her friends adore her. Even though she's garralous, I've watched her simply sit back and listen...when her friends need to talk. She's growing into the sort of woman ALL women want to be friends with; all men want to marry; all people want to befriend; all girls want to emulate. This makes me feel soooo proud :) Her growing-up process is taking her there, and she's picking and choosing who she'll be. It's wonderful to watch this, and sad, too. In a few years, she'll not want to talk to me (unless it's to fight or argue!), and will keep secrets FROM me (which she doesn't now). She claims that won't ever happen; but we all knows. :) Boys aren't NEARLY as enigmatic. LOL. They're too busy torturing animals, discovering their schlongs and wondering what to DO with 'em. That's about it with boy-growing-up. I'm SO GLAD I had a girl :) Heh. I can see why -- despite women's inherent psychosis -- boys want to be with us. There's never really any figuring us out (yet we don't TRY to be this way), and we remain ever changing. Women, indeed, are mysteries to yous guys. I see the allure. But I'll NEVER understand why you marry us...we ARE inherently insane, and have that one little driving participle (okay, so I'm the exception...heh).

Riddle me this, experienced LJ users...

How do you block individuals from reading your journal (if they're not LJ users)? Is it even possible? I'll be DAMNED if I change my name, switch journals and 'hide' because of this fruitloop. I won't even change my regular name because of him. And this IS the last time he'll be mentioned. If there is, however, a way to block him, please let me know. I'm sick of him knowing what's going on in my house (he usually breaks in to find out himself...). UGH.

*Thinking about lunch for the girlies*

YIKES. Last night has turned into TODAY. They're still HERE. Time to think of what to do for lunch. ACH! K just came in here and asked if one of them could stay until...later this afternoon.

Me: "Yeah, sure, we love to have her." Er. Whateverrr!

Them: "Are you sure? We don't want to impose..."

Me: "NO...PROBLEM...WE ... LOVE ... TO...HAVE HER."

This conversation sounds WAY too familiar. Heh.

The DREADEEEEED blue line is back!

I KNOW it's because the girls have been running up/down the stairs. But the BLUE LINE is back on my television...ARHGHGHGHGH! I've been trying to adjust it, trick it, put quarters under it...nothing's werkin'. I'm gonna LOSE IT if my T.V. won't adjust...it's about the only redemption I have right now in Girl Heaven. HELP!

Okay...lunchtime, and I hafta decide whatta to do.



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Jan. 18th, 2003 10:52 am (UTC)
Sounds like you're having fun....

Do you mean to prevent him from commenting or to prevent him from vieiwing?

If you mean Viewing, I don't think there is a way to prevent anyone from reading except to make your postings "Friends-only" or "Private".

If you mean Commenting, go to your Personal Info settings, and change the setting that asks "Who can reply to your entries?" You can change this to "registered users" or "friends only".

Here are also some useful FAQs:

Friends & Security Levels

Conflicts with Other Users
Jan. 18th, 2003 11:16 am (UTC)
Oh, believe me I DO delete his posts (have that security measure set up). That's the only way he can get in touch with me, so he takes advantage of it...ugh. I didn't think there was a way to stop this nutcase from reading...unless I blocked all except friends; but then, I'm NOT letting him change my life like that.

He's just sick. Can't help himself. Pathetic huh?
( 2 whispered — Whisper to me )


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