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Open-toed shoes are TEH DEBBIL.

Again, was "caught having to work" during lunch. I agree with someone who commented on "non-essential/non-emergency" questions being asked when we're clearly off the proverbial clock TRYING to relax a little bit. Nothing worse than having all that interrupted by a work-related question, particularly when you've been told to 'relax' by a the-rapist. Goooody.

*hears the patter of feet...runs*

GREAT. Oh yeah. EVERYBODY IN MY COMPANY for some creepy nasty reason wears open-toed sandals. NO. JUST NO. NO NO NO NO NO. First of all, it's gross. Secondly, they're walking around smelling like they're from France. Thirdly I have one word: PEDICURE. PEDICURE. If you're going to expose someone like me -- who has a SERIOUS anti-foot-fetish -- to your God-given ugly feet, PLEASE do so with pomp and circumstance. I almost lost my generic Sprite this morning. I think there *might* be three of us who still keep our toe-cleavage to ourselves. Otherwise, only managers wear "nice" shoes. WHAT'S. WITH. THE. UGLY. OPEN-TOED SHOES??? With bows, ribbons, and freakin' clear heels? They're UGLY. And the toes are BEYOND ugly.

I'm all uglied out. Seriously. Put something on those feet. It's like trying NOT to watch a car wreck, only you can't help it, stare anyway, and THEN commence to grossing out.

There should be a law against open-toed sandals. Especially for those with unkempt feet.




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