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WOOOOOOO it's FREAK DAY and I didn't get the memo!

Feature Freak Of The Day Week

See how *ordinary* Kevin, looksThe Real Man, as opposed to all you "posers" (hahahahahah)? Seems like a decent guy, right? Haaaaa! Um. This guy has probably never been IN a plane. I'm sure he drove up to some little dump, stood by one, and now tells everyone he's a pilot. WAaahahaha. *points and laughs* OMG. He tried to rename it. I'M GONNA STICK WITH THIS. Hahahah.

Now, don't EVERRRRRRR ignore him, or tell him you're busy; otherwise, THIS REAL MAN will commence to shouting at you like some grade-school bully, safe and sound behind his monitor, unable to spell, much less use profanity with any flare or pinache. Aaaahahahaha. UNREAL.

Freak number one. While it's true that I do attract WAY MORE freaks (or just bring OUT the freak in ordinary people) than, er, ANYONE, today really has been a spacial one.

First, there was Joseph. I had to make a Publix run (thankkkkkks Jeeeeeem), and lo and behold, whilst making the o-so-difficult WHICH PEANUT BUTTER decision, this guy sidles up beside me and starts talking. So I think, what can it hurt, be nice to the guy, etc. etc. Then, he starts preaching to me. NOOOO HE DIDNT, complete with "poetry for God" that he'd written. I think he was a Jehovah's Witness in disguise. Maybe they've ALL gotten smart since so many of us don't answer the door when we see bicycles with boys in dark blue pants, white shirts with SHORT SLEEVES (hahhaha) and a tie with a backpack. That's some bad news right thur. This guy had this tie-dyed "Joseph and the Amazing Tech" t-shirt on, shorts, and EW...sandals. Anyway, after preaching (he could sense me, like an animal, trying to escape) he told me there was a reason why we met. I couldn't help it. Really. I tried, but could not. "Yeah. We both need peanut butter, mkay, bye."

Whyyyy o whyyyyyy?

Yeah, so that was a joy. He asked me to dinner (or rather, asked my BACK to dinner), and I told him that was exactly why I was there. Unbelievable. He thinks it's destiny; I think it's hunger. WHATEVER.

I knew I shouldn't have left in the first place. Kevin, like O SO MANY 20-something-year-old dolts with too much time on their hands, decides "HEY...I HAVE A MONOPOLY ON TERRI, SO SHE WILLLLLL TALK TO ME!" I'm in a conversation I *intended* to have, and he kept on and on until I just...yeah. Couldn't help myself. First, asking him nicely to not message me didn't work. Then he shot back with some IDIOTIC response, so I blocked him. NO JOY. HE KEPT ON AND ON. Then, when I had him on a serious block, he came back under another freakin' name. LOSERSSSSSS OMG. I mean, what kind of mentality does it take to first, think you have dibs on...well, whoever you WANT to talk to, and second, get angry when said person either doesn't respond or tells you they're busy, and THEN, starts literally stalking you via IM?? Riddle me that. Because I've been on the net since...well, before er, most anyone; and this didn't start happening until being on the net and messaging became "easy" and "popular" but there's no stopping it. It's like some wild train on a zig-zagging track, out of control, building momentum until it either blows up, or someone stops it. I think it all boils down to rejection. MEN CAN'T TAKE IT. We can. HAPPILY, NO LESS. I've always said you can never be disappointed if you have no expectations, or at least lowered internet expectations. Still, there's gonna be ONE JACKASS IN THE GROUP who gets all riled up, and goes psycho. Rejection. I'd hate to live in his neighborhood. Although experience has taught me that THESE kinds of guys are PUSSes in the real world, and will LITERALLY FLEE if you look at them angry. Heh. So I have that bit of joy to think of. Yeah. So if you're really bored, and read this far, watch out for that guy. Looks innocuous, is a Yahell TROLL, and will drive you CRAZY. And why? Because he's not 30 yet. Thus the "no dating boys under 30" rule.

Of course, this doesn't apply to my friends *grin*. I know all you guys and girlies are exceptions :D Heh.

So having made that journey, and alive without having my feelings hurt or setting up a date with MY INTENDED, I think I need a lil rest or break or something. Laundry definitely has to be done, and some howkeepin', too. It'll wait. It is, after all, a lonnnnnnng weekend.

Lawd. Tell me no one read all that sheize.
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