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Check...check mate.

I just saw a red-breasted robin do a 100-yard sprint across our lawn. Hahaha. Um...YOU CAN FLY. USE THOSE WANGS.

We don't need no steenkeeng badges
Okay. The weird, freaky military dreams have GOTTA stop. First, it was Hojo's ghost; now, it's the military, and dreams thereof. WHEN DOES IT END??

Wanna know what's worse than waking up 5 minutes before your alarm goes off? Waking up AN HOUR BEFORE. Yeahhhhhh that's right. Anyway, when I woke up, I was dreaming that AGAIN, I was in Europe. Unlike my recurring dreams (where I'm always trying to pack up and move, always have great difficulty, etc. etc. *refer to memories*), this time, I'd had the Miata and the bike (Ninja) to bring back with me, along with my favorite, goose down comforter, really high thread count sheets (yeah, yeah, laugh if you wanna), some cheese(?) in a refridgerator (one was good; the other needed to be tossed), and four, thick t-bone steaks??? Anyway, boyscout was in the dream and ALSO back in the military, in uniform no less. So was Drew freakin' Barrymore. WTHHHHHHHH? I decided to distribute stuff I couldn't carry back with me to the states between them. She got the cheese and sheets (and comforter), and he got the steaks. LOL. Anyway, she gets all mad and I think "I should've just given those expensive sheets to boyscout; he'd appreciate 'em."


Anyway. FREAKY. Just sayin'. But in this dream, I was more "together" than I usually am when I have military "flashbacks" or dreams of when I was active-duty. Nor does boyscout ever appear in them, as I didn't meet him in the military (but he served, nonetheless ;) ).

Mkay. Moving right along.
So Kelsey has changed her mind about things this summer. Without her dad's help, I'm afraid I can't make that happen. And even with help, it's probably too late. I feel awful. Won't go in to details; you never know who's reading. So...I came to work at the literal butt-crack of dawn, so I could put in my time and get outta here REAL early. Right now, I feel like I've worked a full day plus some, and am about to DIE. I WANNA GO HOME *sobs*.

That bird was freaky. I was talking to Kelsey on the phone (she's just NOW getting around to watching the original Star Wars Trilogy), and noticed the bird run a few feet, a few more...stop. Like it was running in Morse Code or something. LOL. I laughed out loud. Something's WAY WRONG with me. No comment, if you've read this far. instinct about the SW movies was right:


Me: Sweetheart, what did I tell you? NO BOYS ARE HOT TO A 12-YEAR-OLD!


Me: So which is your favorite character?

Kelsey: I'm in LOVE with R2D2!!! =D

Me: WHEW. I'd rather you fall in love with a trashcan than a boy anyway.

Hahahaha. Non-stop fun with the Kelsmeister action. Mkay. Back to werrrrrrrrk peeepaaaaaaaaaal.

I warn you and warn you but OH NOES YOU JUST GOTTA GOES BEHIND THE CUT.

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